Improve two-way feedback with these six performance review tools

Every organization needs to offer proper employee performance feedback. They may either inspire your staff to achieve new heights or (hopefully not) drive them away from your business. Thankfully, we have many employee performance reviews tools that can help during this journey.

With the help of these apps and programs, companies can not only digitize their processes but include new mechanics in their one-on-ones. We selected our favourite tools for you to check out!

Improve two-way feedback with these six performance review tools
With 15 minutes every week, employees can answer a survey that managers can review in 5 minutes. You can also share the feedback with others in the company.
This tool is useful to send one question in weekly surveys, checking out employee engagement. After that, managers can generate insightful, anonymous reports.
This performance review tool allows managers to give periodic feedback to their employees. It also tracks performance with both a company and team goals feature.
In this tool, employees fill out their weekly plans and report on the progress they've made. It also allows managers to hold private discussions.
Besides allowing managers to do quantitative and qualitative surveys on employees, this tool has a key strengths dashboard, listing the most important skills for a role.
This performance feedback tool allows supervisors to ask six questions each week, while employees can send high-fives to their colleagues for their good work.

Is feedback effective at your company?

Many companies are embracing new ways to give their staff a voice. What do you think about these performance review tools?

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