Delivering Employee Relocation Services Since 1984

We help companies relocate their employees and recruits domestically, cross-border and globally. That’s what we do everyday. We once did it with just 2 employees over 35 years ago and now we are proud to do so with over 80.

We are focused on delivering customer service excellence to each transferee because we know that a happy and less stressed transferee is a productive transferee – your most important asset. At the same time, our 25+ years of relocation experience gives Human Resources the knowledge and data to make informed decisions and also to be more productive. Productive and happy transferees and productive and happy HR. The best combination.

Our Mission:

Never forget our roots as an Upstart. Being an Upstart means ensuring that process doesn’t come above people – our own people or those we relocate. Being an Upstart means ensuring that the necessary procedures and systems don’t hinder our ability to personalize every service – they help us to personzlie.  Our transferees are individuals and they should feel that throughout the relocation process. We aim simply to deliver the best relocation service in Canada, but to never forget what brought us here – focusing on the transferee with our systems, with our people and with empathy.

Our core values:

Entrepreneurial spirit, honesty, integrity, respect and professionalism.

The All Points Quality Commitment

  • We act with uncompromising integrity in all our dealings with all our clients
  • We are customer-centric and look for solutions that match client objectives
  • We are performance-based. We manage by metrics, facts, and data and expect to be held accountable for our performance
  • We are leadership-driven. All Points is a company that attracts leaders, in terms of executive staff, service delivery staff, and all the shared-services professional whose innovations and speed-to-execution create value for our clients

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