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All Points helps clients and their mobile workforce solve unique relocation challenges.

We know the challenges you and your transferees face firsthand! You need the security in knowing your relocation is going well, and you will need data and direction from an experienced source.

Your transferees need someone to count on to navigate through the twists and turns of relocating, so they will come out the other side of their transition whole, productive and happy.

We make relocation easier!

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Relocation Challenges

Talking about corporate relocation services is one thing, but relocation comes with challenges...

From speaking with our clients, we have discovered the four top, high-level, relocation challenges.

Let All Points solve them.

There are dozens of relocation activities that can result in lost time for your transferee. From selecting a mover, to going to a government office without the right documents, to managing timelines, to solving immigration matters, to finding the right neighbourhood, right school and settling into the community.

All Points does these activities every single day. Let our efficiency work for you. All Points puts days and days of productivity back into your transferees’ hands. And it is not only your transferees. HR is responsible for answering questions, looking through receipts, etc. We make transferees more productive and the HR’s that support them. It’s a win-win!

Relocating an employee creates risk. From working with unqualified vendors, to non-compliance across multiple activities, to negative tax implications (for employee and company) to failed assignments, the risks are many. Whether relocating within the same province or across the globe, risks are part of relocation.

Let us take the risks away. Professional vendor management practices mean great household goods moves, home selling and finding services, temporary stays and more. Our experience anticipates typical and unique hurdles and our knowledge of Canadian relocation means full tax compliancy by both employee and company. From our immigration team, to our domestic relocation team, to our destination services professionals, we have seen the risks, we know them and we steer you past them.

There is no getting around this. Whether you relocate someone for $10,000 or have a defined benefits program for a senior manager – either way, relocation is an investment. What is worse than the cost – is when that money is spent poorly. What if all that money did not result in a successful relocation and the employee has a poor first impression of onboarding to the company?

All Points knows relocations. It knows what are reasonable costs and what are unreasonable costs, and we know where the money is best spent, on behalf of the employee and on behalf of the employer. Vendor negotiated rates can reduce costs. Knowing what to do and when to do it can also reduce costs. Our professional guidance can reduce your costs and, just as importantly, ensure your employee’s highest productivity and successful assignments.

Relocation is listed as one of the top stressors that a person can experience in a lifetime—right up there with divorce, loss of a job, or loss of a loved one.
But, exactly, why is relocating so stressful? Well, yes, there’s the scheduling, the shipment of goods, the expenses, the timelines, the general disruption. But there’s also something more profound going on. When we live somewhere, these places aren’t just places, they’re a part of us. And disruption of this attachment can cause stress.

So, we can’t take away all the stress when relocating an employee. But we can make the relocation exciting and take away a lot of the stress. We know the scheduling, we know shipments, we get your employees reimbursed quickly and we navigate them through the general disruption. They now have an anchor at All Points. We will be their guide through the waters until they find their new home and are settled.



As one of the industry’s premier employee relocation companies, All Points has a large variety of corporate relocation services to offer our clients. In turn, clients may use only 1 or 2 employee relocation services, or turn the entire relocation over to us. Each client is different. These employee relocation services have always two goals in mind – making relocations easier for your relocating employee and for you! Please find our services broken out into their different categories. Read them over and please reach out to us if you have any questions.

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