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Our Advanced Relocation Technology (ART) covers the relocation lifecycle, including cost projections, activity management and tax tracking, while Compass 2.0 provides complete information about neighborhoods and services across multiple devices.

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Put the power of information into the hands of your transferred employees and recruits with ART (Advanced Relocation Technologies)

ART is a cloud-based permanent relocation and assignment management system, covering the complete relocation service array and assignment lifecycle, from cost projections to the management of all relocation activities to tax tracking.

High-touch meets High Tech.

We know that transferees experience anxiety from not knowing who to contact, where to find information or what the future timeline of activities is like. They search for important dates, documents, must-do activities and just answers in general. Well, we paint them the picture -with ART. Everything they need to know is in one place.
Transferees can enter relocation expense reports online, view previously submitted expense reports, and check out what’s been approved and what’s still pending. They can also track their available balances and make educated decisions as to how they might spend them.
And… we take security and privacy very seriously. We are GDPR and PIPEDA compliant.

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ART helps companies with small and medium mobility programs leverage data and improve processes to eliminate mundane tasks and create more time to do all the other important tasks for which they are responsible.At the same time, HR can monitor the status of all employee relocation services. They track every move, make individual adjustments as needed and look for opportunities to optimize their program.

With our advanced reporting features, you can sort through the activity, financial, and customer experience information that our system captures. We aren’t collecting data for the heck of it. Use our data to assess your program and any changes that are best for your company.

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Power your employees' relocation experience with the power of ART (Advanced Relocation Technologies) and the in-depth knowledge of Compass 2.0

providing comprehensive information, agility and security at every step of the relocation journey.

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Why should assignees wait to see their city until they get there?

All Points created CONNECT because we just wanted a better way to introduce and educate transferees and assignees about their new city.

Each Destination Service comes with CONNECT, which is a neighbourhood discovery tool, a rental property search tool, using Google map technology, with photos, stats, amenities and commute time calculators.

There is also a tonne of information on things to do, utilities, schools, government administration, etc. It works on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Where would you like to go?

Feedback from transferees is amazing: they love discovering new neighbourhoods and properties so easily. They are quicker at finding homes, learning about the new city. It increases their productivity and reflects well on you – give them an excellent onboarding experience before they even leave their origin country!

Connect covers most major and many secondary cities across Canada.

Ask us if Connect covers your cities.

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