Policy Consultation

Our policy consultation covers a wide range of information and up-to-date guidelines, allowing you to make controlled decisions and comply with current relocation policies.

Policy Consulting

Real policy consulting begins with understanding you as a company. From budgetary constraints, to cost predictability, to employee experience, each company’s approach to relocation is as unique its own make-up and culture. For this most important aspect of your future relationship with your Corporate Relocation Services Provider, you want to know that your partner is going to take the time and effort to understand all of your needs.

If you have fewer than 30 relocations a year, you need to be certain that your partner is not giving you a policy out of a can. It must be custom-tailored to you and that is exactly what All Points does. We have handled multi-tiered policies, global assignment policies, cafeteria style policies, core-flex policies for those with 5 relocations per year and those with 60 relocations per year.

You can trust All Points: our recommendations are based on years of hands-on experience in employee relocation services, and are reflective of your needs, corporate culture as well as the talent market in your unique industry.

Do you already have a policy you feel pretty good about? Then, we can just suggest language that might be added for greater clarity. We can point out current trends, as well as where benefits may be over-market and cost savings realized, and, sometimes, where they may be below market and lacking in competitiveness.

Benchmark Studies

Benchmarks have their role and are important, but All Points has concerns that frequently, their foundation is too basic. First, with simple benchmarks, by definition, the best you can hope for is to be a perfect imitation. Our clients are not imitations of other companies. In addition, benchmarks routinely uncover just the most visible relocation benefits. At All Points we start with your culture and goals and only then do we begin our benchmark work. Along with other surveys and trend analysis we put this together with your individual context and provide you with trustworthy data to build your mobility program.

Group Move Program Consultancy

The unfortunate fact is that most group moves do not meet their original goals. When we learn that a client is planning a group move, we advise them to sprint into action. Quick and accurate communication between departments is crucial. Group moves are complex and should be treated as project plans with budgets, milestones and communication strategies. All Points helps our clients understand all options and consider each group move in its own strategic context for domestic, cross-border, or global multi-location moves.


A good implementation is the unsung hero of ensuring the highest quality employee relocation services. We guide you through an open discussion and consideration of previous pain points, all relocation policy issues, practical day-to-day delivery factors such as basic communication requirements, timing of reporting, etc. Implementations are projects with milestones, defined measurements, and ongoing improvement plans. This gives your Client Services Manager what is required to translate your needs into the actual service delivery.


Yes, we look at reporting as a form of consulting. With our customized reporting, we can get you the information you need to understand what is happening with John or Cindy Smith, but also what is happening this year compared to last year. Monitor your program with confidence, and work with us to make the best decisions for future program changes.

Do hiring managers need to know the cost of relocation, and how that money was spent. Well, All Points has hundreds of relocation specific accounting codes, while most corporate clients have one G/L for relocation in general. Let our data mining work for you and see how your money is being spent. Do you need year-end accruals and tax reporting? We can provide it.