Domestic Relocation Services

Global Mobility gets a lot of attention because of its complexity, but domestic relocation is still the lifeblood of many Canadian and American corporations. Domestic relocation is crucial for a company’s growth and talent retention. Choosing All Points for this task streamlines the process, freeing up HR resources and providing invaluable relocation data. Furthermore, their employees receive a rare personalized service, making their transition smoother in North American relocation.​

Corporate Relocation Services start with custom-fit Domestic Relocation.

Our goal is to deliver the best employee relocation services in the industry. And in order to be the best, we have to execute all of the tasks (not just some) of a domestic relocation. A domestic relocation is not an easy task. As one of the top employee relocation companies in Canada, that caters to companies with mid to low volume relocations, we can get you from first budget to a happy family at destination with ease and security.​

Relocation Budgeting and Reporting

Stay informed and in control with All Points‘ reporting and budgeting tools. All employee relocation services start with a relocation budget, so you can make immediate decisions. We also have the reports that you need. Just click to get real-time reports or have them sent to you. Do you want hard data on your relocation to make strategic decisions about relocation practices? We have it. Do you want to know information on an active transferee? We have it. Do you want more information on your relocation? Just contact us.​

Home Marketing Assistance

The Home Marketing Assistance Service “corporatizes” the real estate process to create an effective and accountable working relationship with Realtors and ensure homes are being marketed at their highest potential. Human Resources are equipped with real data points. All Points acts as an unbiased resource to guide the family with respect to marketing strategies and offer negotiations. Home relocation services include Real Estate Closing Assistance. If you are incurring the cost of temporary living and policy exceptions you must also trust that the transferee’s home is being marketed effectively. Trust All Points.​

Guaranteed Home Sale

This program provides employees with a “safety-net” guarantee offer based on appraisals professionally reviewed by All Points. The service also includes real estate closing assistance and equity advances. Our counsellors have years of home relocation services experience with real estate to help reduce inventory costs. Guaranteed Home Sale has seen many changes over the years: there are now hybrids that retain key benefits to employees while reducing risk to corporations. Ask All Points about variations on this valuable but complex service.​

U.S. Style Home Sale Programs

Years of experience with home relocation services, means that we understand US practices as well. For cross-border and relocations that are deemed taxable in the US, All Points follows the 11 Key Elements as set out by the Employee Relocation Council to provide the most favourable tax treatment for relocation benefits.​

Household Goods Move Management

All Points supports transferees throughout the entire move process including obtaining multiple quotations from our mover network.

All Points:

  • Manages the insurance claim process​
  • Provides complete reporting of costs and performance metrics​
  • Has established pricing and service level agreements with some of the industry’sbest relocation moving companies​
  • Moving is one of the top two costs in any relocation and our clients rely on us to be prudent and to catch any errors that might add to the expense. Ask us about our audit process, from one of the most hands-on employee relocation companies in the industry
dosmetic relocation

Full policy Administration and Relocation Expense Management

All Points handles all aspects of your relocation policy, answers all questions, coordinates all activities, and keeps you updated along the way. All Points administers relocation benefits including carefully auditing and quickly reimbursing eligible expenses. We provide complete tracking and reporting of all expenses: taxable, non-taxable along with gross-up costs.

Ask us how we guide employees to use their funds to their greatest tax benefit.​

Relocation Allowance Management – a top choice amongst IT relocation services

A Relocation Allowance is a pre-set, predictable allowance that a company offers to a transferee. Do you need help creating a cost appropriate budget? We help you do that.​

Transferees get:

  • Guidance throughout their relocation
  • An initial and ongoing budgeting exercises and fast reimbursements
  • Guidance on non-taxable, taxable and tax-deductible expenses
  • Valuable referrals to trusted vendors

Human Resources gets:

  • No more receipt review
  • Professional budgeting, updating and accruals
  • Analytics to know how money was spent to run your program properly
  • Withholding on taxable benefits and end-of-year reporting for T4’s

Managed relocation allowances are so much more than lump sums. It is the right approach for many companies: by maximizing employee and HR experience, Relocation Allowance Management has become the best IT relocation service that All Points’ delivers. Ask us how to match this with a small cafeteria section for highest employee satisfaction.​

Comparable Housing Studies

Home relocation services often need to compare housing between cities. Our Comparable Housing Study establishes the equivalent dollar value of destination housing, comparable to the employee’s origin location home. Do you want to give cost of housing differential assistance to your transferee? Start with us.​

Shoes with Canadian flag print on them

Cross-Border Management

Not all employee relocation companies understand this unique border. All Points is the leader in translating relocation practices from American into Canadian and vice versa. Moving from Canada to the US and moving to Canada from US is not easy. Corporations turn to All Points to better understand American practices – relocation, real estate and moving expressed in Canadian terms. Our clients need to relocate personnel across the border with confidence, and they have found, in this arena, All Points is amongst the best relocation companies in the business. Let us help you too.​