Virtual Destination Services: a post-pandemic option

Technology has offered a lot of convenience in different industries and different businesses. Relocation services are not exempted from such advancements.

They are also embracing digital technology to offer better services. Virtual destination services have gained a lot of popularity recently. They offer a novel way of guiding assignees in their new cities. 

What are Virtual Destination Services?

Today, it is possible to offer a virtual tour of the assignee’s new neighbourhoods and homes and provide the required data to help them settle down, thereby creating an authentic experience both in terms of time and cost.

Virtual destination services cover such areas as:

  • School searching;
  • Housing;
  • Orientations
  • Local registrations;
  • Bank account setup;
  • Health insurance;

Assignees can review specific regions, discuss their interests, and communicate their preferences through live video. Their local destination consultant can answer questions and assist on any specific points. The only real difference between virtual destination services and traditional destination services is that the assignees are unaccompanied to their different appointments.

These virtual destination services are an excellent alternative for transferees and their families, as they provide direct help when needed, keep assignments on track, and aid and support family members.

Virtual Destination Services and the Pandemic

While destination services have been around for a long time, virtual destination services are still relatively new. It was only after the Covid-19 pandemic that it became necessary to have a virtual way of visiting different places.

However, as lockdowns fade away, companies realize virtual services can be an inexpensive alternative for employees in different tiers who had never had access to destination services before. In fact, companies are opening up virtual destination services to entire groups of employees who had previously had to figure out their destination on their own.

This means that interns and junior employees can benefit from the same services as senior staff. Virtual destination services today are essential for an effective workforce mobility strategy. 

They aim to increase the comfort and well-being of employees while they are preparing for relocation. As a result, destination services contribute significantly to increased productivity and employee satisfaction, helping improve the onboarding experience. 

Technology and Relocation Services

Technology has made it all happen. Interview your Destination Services provider to get a demonstration of their technology. This is where the rubber hits the road, and dictates the level of customer experience your employee will get with a virtual service. 

Implementing these technologies and virtual destination services has created an excellent experience for participants. For example, one can get an understanding of potential neighbourhoods in detailed ways that were never available before. 

Whether offering virtual services or traditional services, technology is the key, and you should be assured that your destination services provider can provide the biggest Customer Service Experience possible, while ensuring that employees are fully informed about their destination.

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