Destination Services

The destination service is the beginning of your assignee’s new job and you do not have a second chance to make a first impression.

The destination service is the beginning of your assignee’s new job and you do not have a second chance to make a first impression. If you are thinking of relocating assignees or permanent transfers to Canada, you may be thinking about Destination Services.

Assignees can experience frustration and delays before they start work. Dissatisfaction with the new city and home can lead to a failed assignment. Destination Services provides assignees with accompanied support, helps them navigate the many challenges of landing in Canada and, of course, help them find their new home.

What are Destination Services? They are…

Temporary Accommodation

Whether you are relocating to Vancouver or relocating to Halifax, you will need to stay somewhere while you find your permanent home. All Points annually books over 1000 temporary accommodation stays – our network is large and our volume discounts reduce clients’ costs. All Points is also there through booking and available for the entire stay. Find out more.

Airport Welcome / Work Permit Review

At a pre-arranged time the Consultant meets the assignee and family. Right at the airport, we review the work permit for clerical errors that can be corrected immediately avoiding a later consulate visit. Taking the family to their temporary accommodation, this service can be the first positive step for a nervous family relocating to a new country.

Area orientation

Area orientations are unique to each assignee’s needs. This service includes personalized welcome information, an area and neighbourhood orientation, making suggestions based on lifestyle and budget and to advise on available amenities and unique community features in different areas. So, if you want employee relocation services in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver or any other Canadian city, ask us about our local experts.

Rental Home Finding

All Points’ destination service begins with a detailed Needs Assessment that helps direct our research to homes in the new community that match a family’s needs.

Rental home find assistance ensures employees are productive faster and reduces the requirement for temporary accommodation. Ask us about our coverage.

Local Registrations

Local registrations are crucial to the success of an assignee’s onboarding and they need to happen quickly. All Points works with employees and employers to make sure they have the required documentation, drafted correctly. We then accompany employees to ensure that these local registrations are done correctly – the first time, without mistake.

  • Social Insurance Number
  • Bank account
  • Provincial Health
  • Insurance
  • Driver’s Licensing
  • Insurances (tenant’s and auto)
  • Auto registration
  • Ask us about what else we assist with?

Education Assistance

Public: Children are often an expatriate’s number one concern. All Points provides detailed information about the school system so that families understand how it will meet the needs of their children. All Points assists and accompanies expatriate families to register for school.

Private: Research is conducted prior to arranging appointments to determine the availability of private schools in the new location. All Points assists and accompanies expatriate families to private schools that meet their criteria.

Ask how we can put your assignee’s mind at ease with our Education Specialist.


There are many other activities that can be challenging for foreign nationals coming to Canada, such as customs clearance, internet and cell phone options just to name a few.

Settling-in services can include a tour of the local area to understand local shopping, banks, places of worship, sports and leisure facilities. We can also demonstrate the transport system or show potential commute routes, or provide information on specific hobbies and networking opportunities. The list is endless!

Lease renewal assistance

All Points also provides tenancy management service through the assignment, including an ongoing liaise with the landlord or property manager, payment of rent, and lease renewal assistance.

Departure assistance

An employee relocation service is not over during an assignment until the Departure Service. All Points completes a move-out inspection. Photos are taken and compared to origin condition photos, to ensure that our clients and their employees are not exposed to inaccurate claims of dilapidations. All Points assists in “breaking” the lease where required. All Points also coaches assignees on other departure activities that are required such as mail forwarding, utility cancellation and any other de-registrations that are required. End an assignment with security with All Points’ Departure Assistance.

We know what everyone knows

Destination Services are Corporate Relocation Services. That is why we are the only Canadian employee relocation company that delivers Destination Services without outsourcing. Are you interested in relocation Toronto, relocation Montreal, relocation Vancouver, relocation Calgary, or relocation name-your-Canadian-city? Well… we have the Destination Services for you. Ask us more.