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Experience excellence with All Points, the premier Relocation Company. From local to international moves, our dedicated team provides customized solutions, ensuring a stress-free and successful relocation for you and your employees.

When it comes to relocating employees, whether domestically or globally, choosing the right relocation company is key to ensuring a smooth transition for your employees. A top-notch service provider will not only assist with the logistical aspects but also address acclimation to the new city or country, organize immigration and tax where applicable . They tailor their services to fit individual needs, providing support for everything from home finding and school searches to visa processing and spousal employment assistance. Opting for the best in this niche means prioritizing companies that boast a track record of successful relocations, offer comprehensive packages, and prioritize the employee’s experience above all else, with the technology platform to back it all up. This choice can make the difference in efficient and stress-free employee relocation as well as cost containment.

Relocation Companies in Canada

When considering a move to or across the Great White North, finding a reliable relocation company is crucial. A good Relocatation Company should be able to  boast a diverse range of relocation services, catering to both corporate moves and individual relocations. The key is to research  a company with a deep understanding of Canada’s real estate markets, household goods moving industry and the tax code for domestic relocations and immigration policies and destination services for global relocations into Canada. Look for firms with a robust network of resources and an impressive track record of successful relocations (ask to see service evaluations. A top-tier relocation provider will alleviate stress by managing the details—securing visas, findng homes, and ensuring a smooth transition into Canadian life or all aspects that need to be put together to have a domestic relocation run smoothly. This is the true north of relocation excellence—effortless transitions amid the maple leaves.

What is a Relocation Company?

A relocation company is a specialized service provider that assists businesses in smoothly transitioning their employees to new locations, whether it’s within the same country or across international borders. With a focus on reducing the stress and complications that often come with moving, these companies offer a range of services including visa and immigration assistance, housing solutions, family support, and cultural training. They work to ensure that both the employees and the company experience a seamless relocation process, aiming to have employees settled and productive in their new roles as quickly as possible.

What do they do?

A relocation company is the hub of relocation logistics.  They assist with the sale and purchase of homes.  They manage a professionally vetted network of moving partners, destination services partners, immigration partners, Realtors, lawyers, etc. They will process all the expenses of each relocation ready for important data reporting and trend analysis.  Because of their experience with so many relocations, they  streamline the process of moving employees, whether it’s across the city or across the globe. Our team understands the complexities of relocating, from securing proper visas to providing settling-in services, ensuring every transition is as smooth as possible. We alleviate the stress of moving, allowing employees to focus on their new roles while we handle every detail of their move. With All Points, companies have a trusted partner in employee mobility.

Relocation Companies in Canada

When it comes to relocating employees across borders or within Canada, choosing the right relocation company is pivotal. Canada offers a variety of reputable firms that provide comprehensive services, tailored to both individual needs and corporate strategies. The best companies feature a blend of local expertise and global reach, ensuring a seamless transition for employees. Services range from visa assistance and housing support to cultural orientation and language training, all designed to mitigate the stress of moving and help recruits settle into their new roles efficiently. With customer-focused support and meticulous planning, top Canadian relocation companies turn the daunting task of relocation into a streamlined, positive experience.

Large International Companies

All Points is a long-trusted partner to corporate Canada in terms of providing domestic Canadian relocations, American relocations and global relocations, but sometimes a company has needs that are significant in volume (i.e more than 100 Global Assignments each year) and require compensation specialization. In a world where borders are becoming ever more fluid for business, international companies face the unique challenge of relocating employees worldwide. It’s vital for these corporations to partner with a relocation service that understands the complexities of international moves and that provider in most cases is most definitely All Points, but we will admit when the volume is too large for us, or if there are compensation services required.  So below we give you our recommendations of what we will call Large Relocation Companies that we would hand off such needs to:

Altair Global Solutions

When it comes to global mobility on a large scale, Altair is a prominent name that has been facilitating smooth transitions for both companies and employees. Known for their comprehensive relocation services, they offer a multitude of resources such as visa and immigration support, home and school search, and even language training. Opting for a service provider like Altair means benefiting from their expertise in managing the complexities of a multiplicity of tiers across a large scale of global mobility activity ensuring that every aspect of the move is handled with care. This level of support is crucial in reducing the stress for a large relocating employee population and allowing them to focus on their new roles in unfamiliar territories. And Altair has a team at the ready to take you through the complexity of global compensation.


Moving to a new city or country can be a complex and overwhelming process, but with the right relocation company, it’s like having a local guide by your side. That’s how we work at All Points, but when it comes to moving at a mass scale, with vast supplier networks, AiRES rivals Altair and should be part of your consideration.  If you have large populations AiRES will help you from finding a perfect home to navigating visa applications and cultural integration, and also assist with global compensation practices.

Sterling Lexicon

Your relocations may be significant, but you feel that our above two recommendations are too big, then we recommend Sterling Lexicon. When considering a relocation service that operates on a global scale, attention to detail and a comprehensive service package are key. Enter Sterling Lexicon, a highly regarded player in the industry known for their exceptional handling of international employee relocations. With Sterling Lexicon, companies can rest assured that their employees’ transitions to new countries will be smooth, with support extending from visa and immigration assistance to settling-in services. This kind of end-to-end solution not only eases the stress of moving for the employee but also enables the company to maintain its focus on operational continuity.

We hope you found these suggestions useful, in the unusual circumstance that your needs can’t be well met by All Points.  Try us on, and we will be transparent about our strengths and when we need to recommend a bigger global player.

When Might You Need a Relocation Company?

Earlier than you think.  Do you only have a few relocations?  It is not too early to think about assistance.  Do you have a number of relocations but have gotten by running internally?  You will be giving your company a big gift in outsourcing to All Points.  Why?  We do relocation every day.  We have the professionally vetted and secure partner network, and the volume of business and SLA’s to keep them in check.  So, reason #1: for the most effective relocation of an employee, while keeping them at their highest productivity and minimizing the impact of disruption, a relocation company can bring th goods.  If you want to be on top of your relocations, All Points has HR platforms that allows you to do that.  Email is an inefficient form of communication when it comes to relocation milestones – a platform is better.  And then there is the data.  How is your relocation dollar being spent?  Is it enough? Could you rduce it.  Most companies have one G/L for a relocation code. Sometimes it is actually a travel G/L code.  All Points has over 200 relocation codes, so you know how your dollars were spent, you can analyze trends, you can adapt your program in future years.  Finally, our expertise.  Navigating the complexities of moving can be difficult when it involves shifting to a new city or across borders, but All Points has seen it all. We know the policy choices. We know the real estate market. We know what it takes to relocate to Canada and settle successfully, and we now how to manage a global relocation to Europe or Asia or South America seamlessly. In short, if you relocate, then you should consider the services of a relocation company.

Relocation Company vs. Moving Company

Let’s look at it this way: if you relocate 3 people per year or 30 people per year, you represent 3 moves or 30 moves to that moving company.  All Points represents hundreds of moves per year.  We professionally vet movers, we monitor their service scores, we monitor their insurance claim ratios, we hold them to SLA’s.  Movers are a crucial part of a relocation, but if you want overt management of the process, than a relocation company is your first choice. Then of course, if you are looking for a comprehensive service that includes home sale, home search, school finding, management of expenses, booking of flights, immigration assistance, and cultural training for international or complex domestic moves, a relocation company like All Points Relocation is ideal. They handle the intricacies of moving lives, not just possessions, ensuring a smoother transition for employees and recruits adjusting to new environments.

How much does it cost to move across the country?

When considering the cost of relocating across the country, it’s crucial to factor in various components. The price can range significantly based on the sales price of the home the volume of belongings, distance, time of year, whether you offer house hunt trips and temporary accommodation. On average, if fully supported a l relocating a homeowner across the country could cost easily more than $65,000 depending on location, value of home, etc.  Does that mean you can’t relocate someone across the country for $!5,000 or even less?  No it doesn’t. This is where we start to get into the business strategy for relocation, the value of that individual performing that job at destination and the war for talent or lack thereof for that position.  If a recruit is willing to invest in their own relocation, because they are career pathing, then you can relocate them for less.  All Points can help you in this type of decision making.  Remember, investing in a reliable relocation company can save time and reduce stress (and let’s face it, there is also productivity maximization to take into consideration), making it a beneficial expenditure in the long run.

How Do I Find A Relocation Company

Finding the right relocation company can seem like a daunting task, but with a structured approach, it becomes manageable. Start with research – look up companies with solid reputations. Seek referrals from colleagues or industry contacts who have undergone similar needs. Find out if there is a cultural fit.  Do they have the knowledge you need to run your program? Ensure the service provider specializes in the type of relocations you require, whether domestic or global. Check for accreditations and memberships in professional associations, which often indicate quality and reliability.  With the right information, you’ll be able to select a company that best fits your relocation needs.

Do Companies Buy Your Employee’s Homes in Relocation?

In the realm of employee relocation, companies may offer a variety of benefits to help ease the transition, and one question that often arises is whether a company will buy an employee’s house as part of the relocation package. While not common, some companies may provide this option through a buyout program, especially for high-level or critical positions. Essentially, the company may work with a relocation service provider to facilitate the purchase of the home, allowing the employee to move swiftly and focus on their new role.

What Are Destination Services?

Destinations  services are a godsend for employees moving to new destinations, whether across provinces or international waters. They encompass a suite of services to ease the stress of finding a new home, which might include area orientation tours, temporary housing coordination, community searches, home finding assistance and help with lease negotiations or purchase negotiations. Imagine having a local expert who knows the ins and outs of your destination’s housing market—this is exactly what these services offer. They remove the guesswork and hours of research, helping transplants settle into their new communities with ease and confidence, turning a daunting relocation into an exciting fresh start. When done internationally, assistance with local government registrations is part of the assistance.

What are advantages and disadvantages of a company relocation?

Embarking on corporate relocation can propel growth, opening doors to new markets and talent pools. It can inject new talent into a crucial office/region.  It can back-fill talent that is retiring. In short, there are many benefits to corporate relocation. It can even offer a fresh start, potentially in a location with better operational costs, improved quality of life for employees, and a stronger business ecosystem. On the flip side, relocations can disrupt operations and employee routines, may lead to staff turnover if the move isn’t favorable for everyone, and involve significant upfront costs. It’s crucial to weigh these pros and cons carefully, ensuring the long-term benefits outweigh the immediate challenges. Coordination with a skilled relocation service provider can minimize the disadvantages, making the transition as smooth as possible.

So I know what a Relocation Management Company does, how else do they help us?

A Relocation Management Company (RMC) serves as an essential link between businesses and their relocating employees. Its core purpose lies in facilitating a seamless transition for workers moving domestically or internationally. By managing the complexities of relocation, from coordinating movers, housing, and immigration paperwork, to providing destination service guidance, RMCs aim to minimize the stress involved. They ensure that employees remain focused and productive during their move, and that companies maintain operational efficiency. Key to their service is the expertise to navigate legalities across borders, matching the best practices of global mobility with individual needs. So, yes “smoothness of transition” is one of their highest objectives. But they also provide invaluable assistance to the business and HR specifically.  With an RMC you can measure your relocations, the costs, the benefits used, the trends and you did it with the click of the mouse and none of the high intensity, time consuming involvement in the relocation process itself.  HR can work on their higher payoff functions.

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