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Enhance your HR strategy by facilitating your employees' relocation to Canada with All Points' expert Global Relocation Services. From anywhere in the world directly to Canada, our comprehensive solutions are designed to ensure a seamless transition for your staff. We offer a smooth immigration and settling-in process, enabling your employees to quickly adapt and embrace new opportunities in Canada, thereby supporting the growth and global expansion of your company.

Enhance your HR strategy by facilitating your employees’ relocation to Canada with All Points’ expert Global Relocation Services. From anywhere in the world directly to Canada, our comprehensive solutions are designed to ensure a seamless transition for your staff. We offer a smooth immigration and settling-in process, enabling your employees to quickly adapt and embrace new opportunities in Canada, thereby supporting the growth and global expansion of your company.

Gain Employee Trust

Why do  Employees Trust All Points Relocation? We begin by highlighting all the benefits we will be helping them with and ensuring they understand we will be there every step of the way. Embarking on an international journey is an exciting yet daunting task. At All Points, we’re not just relocating employees; we’re crafting experiences. Our seasoned experts ensure every step, from documentation to settling in, is a breeze. Join us to create unforgettable adventures  while we handle the intricate details. Your trust is our commitment.

Saving HR Professionals

As HR professionals, your time is invaluable. Partner with All Points to effortlessly take time off your HR department’s plate and navigate employee relocations to Canada. From the start with our immigration service through to our household goods move management, to our expense management and finally our destination/integration services are focus is on both reducing HR’s time and enhancing the overall relocation experience.  Experience relocation made simple, so you can keep your business moving forward.

Much Can Go Wrong

The fact is that relocation has a number of unknowns for the transferring employees and that means potential pitfalls.  All Points knows those hurdles.  We help get across them when they can’t be avoided and avoid them where they can be.  All Points Relocation safeguards your move to Canada, mitigating risks and ensuring a hassle-free transition. Trust in our expertise to navigate complexities while your employees or recruits enjoy a seamless adventure. Your peace of mind, our priority.

Reduce Costs

Budgets matter, and so does employee satisfaction. All Points Relocation strikes the perfect balance. By managing the intricacies of moving to Canada, we optimize costs while delivering exceptional experiences. Our relationship begins with All Points getting a solid understanding of your relocation goals which includes the employee’s experience but in the context of your cost containment goals. Let us handle the logistics, so your business can thrive and your employees can embark on a cost-effective adventure.

Question? Or Need Help?

Navigating international relocation complexities can raise uncertainties. But fret not, we’re here. From clarifying queries to offering comprehensive assistance, our friendly experts stand by your side. Trust us to provide clarity, turning challenges into opportunities as your employees journey to Canada.

Consult about Your Relocation

It all begins with an implementation.  In this phase we understand everything there is to know about your relocation needs. What is the business context in which these relocations will happen? What different types of positions to you tend to need to fill with relocation into Canada.  How are the costs absorbed – is there one centralized relocation budget, or does the hiring manager foot the bill.  Do internal stakeholders need to know more about relocation.  From this, we can see where you have started and where you want to end up.   From this understanding our experts are are ready to provide tailored advice. Let’s chat – your stress-free relocation starts with a conversation.

Immigration Proposal

All Points has been providing immigration services since 2010 and have helped over 2,500 relocating employees get their Canadian work permits. As businesses seize global opportunities, securing seamless immigration becomes paramount. It is natural to think that a law firm is necessary for these tasks, but certified immigration consultants can often provide superior services at lower price points, and often more flexibly. Watch the progress of your immigration on our HR portal. Count on All Points to fine-tune your immigration proposal, ensuring compliance and efficiency in relocating to Canada. Our experts provide the strategic support you need, transforming challenges into triumphs on the international stage.

About Your Destination

Canada awaits your employees, and All Points Relocation is their compass to their new community.A All Points has personnel stretched out across the country in all major cities. Our experts help unravel the mysteries of their new home, ensuring a smooth transition. From housing to cultural insights, to local registrations, we pave the way.

Freight Forwarder

As your employees relocate across international waters, trust us as your dedicated freight forwarder. A freight forwarder is a key player in the global supply chain, acting as an intermediary between shippers and various transportation services to facilitate the movement of goods from one place to another. They specialize in arranging and managing the logistics of shipping goods across international borders, but also often handle domestic shipments. Freight forwarders utilize their relationships to negotiate the best possible rates and options for moving goods. Seamlessly managing logistics, we ensure your assets and supplies arrive safely and promptly, supporting your growth journey.


As many times as possible, All Points aims to reduce the number of contacts for your relocating employee. Sometimes it can be reduced to one. However, even with that one employee, All Points can commit to providing you with a well-trained, fully experienced relocation professional. All Points Relocation’s seasoned professionals make global transitions a triumph. With years of expertise in relocating to Canada, we blend proficiency with a friendly touch. . Yes, there is that experience, but all relocation professionals are trained in the All Points’ way, which ensures a corporate culture of caring, making relocation a nurtured and  an unforgettable success. With us, you’re not just relocating; you’re partnering with proven professionals who prioritize your peace of mind. Welcome to a relocation experience backed by expertise.

Licensed And Certified Professionals

All Points Relocation boasts a team of accredited experts ready to guide your journey. Our certifications ensure your move to Canada is smooth and compliant. With us, you’re not just relocating; you’re partnering with proven professionals who prioritize your peace of mind. Welcome to a relocation experience backed by expertise.

Running A Successful Global Mobility Function

Navigating the intricate world of global mobility demands expertise. Let us be your compass. Our comprehensive services streamline relocations to Canada, allowing HR managers to shine in their roles. Trust us to optimize your mobility function, empowering your team and fostering success on the international stage.

Managing Your Global Tax And Payroll Compliance Obligations

All Points Relocation uses the services of like-minded tax and compensation specialists, so you know that you and your relocating employee are compliant.  Our experts ensure seamless compliance with tax and payroll regulations when relocating to Canada. Tax is not easy but our partner’s services are trusted sources of valuable information, and the services are delivered in the All Points’ way – by expert professionals, taking the time to explain difficult concepts. all tax companies are built the same, but All Points’ looked hard to find one that matched our values.  

Managing The Complexities Of Your Business Travelers

All Points Relocation excels at simplifying the intricate world of business travel. From documentation to accommodations, we handle every detail when your employees journey to Canada. With our expertise, your business travelers experience effortlesstrips that allow them to focus on their objectives. Welcome to a realm where travel complexities become a thing of the past. But, due to various immigration laws, you will want to monitor your business travellers. Do you know where they are and for how long?  A good immigration provider can get you there.

Enabling Your Employees To Work From Anywhere (WFA)

All Points Relocation embraces the modern work landscape. We facilitate smooth transitions for employees embracing remote work in Canada. Our comprehensive services encompass logistics, housing, and integration, ensuring your team thrives wherever they choose to work. Let us help you redefine work-life possibilities with seamless WFA transitions.

Transforming Your Global Rewards Program

All Points Relocation revolutionizes how you reward talent across borders. Our services ensure that employee relocation to Canada enhances your global rewards strategy. With our expertise, your team experiences fluid transitions while you elevate your business’s global mobility and benefits offerings. Let’s reimagine the future of your rewards program together. We have the knowledge and give you advice appropriate to your organization.

Technology To Support Your Evolving Global Workforce

All Points Relocation pioneers tech-enabled solutions for your dynamic workforce. As businesses embrace remote work and global mobility, our cutting-edge tools simplify transitions to Canada. Manage documentation, logistics, and communication, empowering your team to thrive in the digital era. Embrace innovation as we shape the future of global workforce support together. And our tech tools for Destination Services are unparalleled in the industry.

So, again, what Is A Global Relocation Company?

All Points Relocation embodies the answer. You don’t need dozens of suppliers. All Points professionally vets all its GlobeAssist Partner Network and ensure that we manage them to our SLA’s throughout the process from the household goods move to the spousal employment assistance to something as simple as the travel.  A Global Relocation company starts with the strength of its network and its ability to manage the intricacies of each relocation within that network, bringing it all together for your clicks on your HR platform.  And when coming to Canada, there is one partner missing – the destination service., because it is us!  We are the only fully service relocation company that believes in the importance of managing our own destination services here in Canada.

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