Global Mobility Partner: 4 amazing benefits of hiring one

All Points is an outstanding International Partner for Global Mobility and will introduce you to the current arena of Global Mobility and the benefits of hiring All Points’ Global Mobility Services.

Current Scenario of Global Mobility

Global Mobility is becoming increasingly important for growth-focused organizations, and to continue growing, they are required to send different individuals and even teams abroad, if not hire new recruits from abroad. It is beneficial to create a detailed strategy for deploying and managing worldwide talent in order to continue scaling and relocating across the globe.

According to UN DESA 2021 (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs), the increase in international migrants has been evident over time, more specifically in North America, it climbed from 27 million to 58 million between the years 1990 and 2020 – at a faster rate than anticipated. 

It is also expected to have another booster for the international mobility statistic because currently, many countries and governments are adapting their migration laws to support Global Mobility and international investments in their own countries. Progressive countries realize that the key to economic growth is bringing in needed talent from other countries.

Some of the Requirements to move your company abroad

Prior to relocating staff overseas, you’ll want to consider various aspects of Global Mobility, like a Global Relocation Policy, Cost of Living reports, Pre assignment visits, Visa and immigration requirements with permissible legal structures, alongside procedural challenges, like deployment workflows, all these are to ensure that you won’t have any inconveniences during this International Relocation process. 

Since the planning of International Relocation (especially International Assignments) is complex, we recommend hiring a Mobility Service Partner to avoid overloading the HR department with tasks that require specific knowledge and experience and can be easily managed by an outstanding company of reference. Relocation also requires supplier management across the globe. Who are those movers, destination service providers and immigration providers who can provide a quality service at a competitive price? See more on our GlobeAssist Network below, that can help guarantee a successful Relocation process.

In addition, we can’t forget that the global marketplace is constantly changing. You’ll need to work with your team and Global Mobility Partner to update your detailed strategy regularly, ensuring that it reflects the current international scenario. For this our Global Mobility Consultants will be staying connected with your company to guide you through all the steps.

All Points Mobility Services and benefits

How we assure our outstanding services:
All Points provides excellent services worldwide, receiving quality service scores from our clients and their employees. Following the same lines, All Points’ GlobeAssist Network is built comprehensively of like-minded global partners in over 120 countries worldwide. Whatever happens in a relocation process and wherever it happens, the work always reflects on All Points’ service quality.

So, whether you have a relocation to Canada or another country, we have you covered. Our GlobeAssist partners must meet our stringent standards in order to be part of the network.
Our partners are measured by their service scores, responsiveness, reporting and of course their value. In evaluating prospective service partners, we review:

• Years in business
• Number of assignees managed
• Pricing
• Language capabilities
• Service delivery process
• Coverage
• Professional affiliations
• Memberships
• Accreditations

Pre-Assignment Services

In order to start an assignment well, a focus on Pre-Assignment Services is important. All Points’ Pre-Assignment Services help to ensure a successful global assignment process and that your investment in your assignee gets successful results.

Pre-Assignment Visit

Our Destination Partner will conduct a pre-transfer tour for your assignee, not only orienting the employee to the local area but helping them see that they can live and work successfully there. They will show neighborhoods, housing, school options, and the expatriate lifestyle in the host country. You can also ask us about Cultural and language training or other Pre-Assignment Services.

Global Relocation Policy Development and Strategy

International corporate relocation always begins with a policy and strategy that will determine the future of your employee’s career. All Points works closely with companies to develop a best-practice international relocation policy suited to your business, be they Permanent Relocation Policies or Assignment Policies (Long-term, Short-term or Commuter).

In addition, if you already have a policy, we can assess its competitiveness through benchmarking exercises and best practices. All Points is also able to assist with Offer Letter writing. Ask All Points to put your best foot forward in developing or assessing a policy.

Global Assignment Reports and Cost of Living Reports

To help your company plan a successful global assignment, All Points will develop a detailed assignment budget. Full assignment-related costs including compensation, allowances, taxes, relocation costs, and assignment benefits such as home leave. All Points will also provide the relevant cost of living information, education, and housing data, with a comparative report about budget-to-actual regularly. Having a realistic understanding of relocation costs and assignment costs is crucial to avoid budget surprises, and sometimes to even assess if the relocation should happen at all.

Visa & Immigration

When relocating internationally immigration is a key part of the process. By working with our visa and immigration partners, we collect all the required documents from both your company and the assignee, ensuring that the destination country requirements are met for a successful immigration process. We also track all deadlines and renewal milestones.

Transition Services

A well-supported Global Mobility can deliver a wealth of benefits for the company, assignees, and any other stakeholders. 

Besides the professional development, your employee will gain greater cultural awareness, learning opportunities for new languages, resilience, and meeting people from different backgrounds.

After your assignee has signed their offer letter and immigration has been successful, they are going to be guided to transition to the new job.

And that is just the beginning…there are still the move, the destination services, temporary accommodation and tax to consider. Relocations have a lot of moving parts, and we would be happy to help you with them.

Is your company ready to create or assess your Global Mobility strategy? All Points is here to fully assist your business with the strategy and the implementation required to achieve this International Relocation project faster and smoother. Book a consultation call. 

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