Departure Services: more than getting on a plane

Pack your bags! Time for the next adventure! We’re not talking about your next big vacation rather we’re talking about your next relocation.

Pack your bags! Time for the next adventure! We’re not talking about your next big vacation rather we’re talking about your next relocation. While you may spend hours researching your vacation, what to pack, where to eat, what documents you’ll require, frequently, people forget to put that much thought into what they need to do before moving.

That’s where a professional departure service can help. With professional support and advice, you’ll ensure that your employees don’t forget to do something critical before leaving, like obtain a government document that can only be obtained locally. Sometimes these misses are small and can be remedied later, but often a miss can lead to significant unnecessary expenses for the employer or individual. All such misses could have been avoided with professional guidance.

A departure service should include the standard suite of support like landlord notifications and move-out inspections. A professional consultant will guide on when to complete certain steps, what can be withheld from a security deposit, the timing of the return of the same, and so much more. Without this support, it’s easy to relinquish all of a deposit or, worse still, pay additional money that is not required based on local legislation. Someone may miss a deadline for notification altogether, leaving them – or the employer – on the hook for a new lease term! Our consultants know what is permissible. When needed, they’ll do the research and make all the necessary calls to local tenancy boards. They will work with the landlord on any issues like coordinating repairs and more.

A departure service may include, and really should include, other assistance too. There is a lot to do before packing those bags.

Local de-registration is important to support, which includes things like getting driving records. This support will be tailored both to the individual and based on the local municipality. Someone departing Montreal may have a few different steps from their counterpart departing Vancouver.

What else? The list is long, but other common support included in a professional departure service will include a wide range of services:

  • Where and when to get medical records;
  • How and when to notify banks;
  • When to disconnect utilities and how;
  • Do I need to cancel my credit cards?
  • Do I need school records? How do I get them?
  • What about my car? Do I sell it? Re-lease it? Export it?
  • What about final garbage removal, donations, cleaning, painting…?

When should I do any of this! It can all be daunting, and a person is bound to miss a critical step without professional support.

Our local experts know all the steps and will ensure none are missed. They will minimize extra costs. And your employee will jet off to their new location with the stress taken care of before they leave.

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