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How We do What We Do:

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. – Mark Van Doren

We Guide (Compass +)

Why should assignees wait to see their city until they get there?

All Points created Compass+ because we just wanted a better way to introduce and educate transferees and assignees about their new city.

Compass+ is a neighbourhood search tool, using Google map technology, with photos, stats, amenities and commute time calculators.

There is also a tonne of information on things to do, utilities, schools, government administration, etc. It works on laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Feedback from transferees is amazing: they love discovering new neighbourhoods so easily. They are quicker at finding homes, learning about the new city. It increases their productivity and reflects well on you.

Most clients add Compass+ to our regular relocation service, while some authorize it as a stand-alone for those recruits that relocate with smaller lump sums, such as college grads.

Compass+ covers most major and many secondary cities across Canada.

Ask us if Compass+ covers your cities.

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