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How We do What We Do:

It’s not a faith in technology it’s faith in people. ~ Steve Jobs

We Create Technology as ART (™)

Important Technology Point #1:

All Points uses the largest enterprise software in relocation. It is used by some of the largest global relocation firms and big four accounting firms. Now, with that out of the way…

Important-er Technology Point #2:

Having flexible software is one thing. Having an equally flexible corporate culture is another.Put your client at the center of your technology and you get ART (Advanced Relocation Technologies).

Why does Point #2 matter?

Let’s pretend we are given an amazing new software. It can do the software equivalent of backflips. However, in order to use it we also have to do backflips.

Now let’s put that software to use with a body which can’t bend and flip in that way. How good is that software to us? Not so good.

Our history is full of examples of customizing workflows, reports, updates and fields for our clients because our clients and their transferees often have the best ideas.

What else should you know?

All data and servers are right here in Canada with All Points.

Our clients get

  • Real time access to all relocation data
  • The ability to run their own reports (20 reports and counting)
  • Customizable workflows and programmed service metrics
  • A guarantee that All Points’ security is the highest in the industry. We keep confidential data private.

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