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How We do What We Do:

No one can whistle a symphony.
It takes a whole orchestra to play it. —H.E. Luccock

We Assemble and Manage

(Supplier Management)

3 Ways to Make a Supplier Network WORK.

1)   Choose partners based on the most important measurements

  1. a. Proven success / accreditation
  2. b. Cultural fit
  3. c. Responsiveness / speed of communication
  4. d. Cost-effectiveness

Your transferees will work face-to-face with the best industry players in each of their areas of expertise.

2)   Focus on the relationship.

Our partners do hard work for All Points and our clients. We must give them what they need to do their job. We can’t just “throw them a file.” Every day we earn their trust with honest communication, by listening to their concerns and involving them in our processes so that they are vested in our success.

3)   Manage, measure, feedback

And then…we manage them to our metrics. It is measurement (including employee evaluations) that quickly identifies weaknesses and opportunities, so we can hold our partners accountable and continue to surpass expectations and to improve in the future.

And in global news…

Our Globe Assist Network covers 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier cities on every continent.

For global relocations, you have two different options.

#1: GlobeAssist Customfit

Our clients are not looking for us to dot the globe with warehouses. They want us to work with companies just like All Points. This Supplier Network model is called GlobeAssist Customfit. It includes:

  • Smaller, independent, top-in-field providers.
  • Flexibility over uniformity.
  • Highest touch service.
  • Central communications and reporting from Canada.

#2: GlobeAssist Enterprise

As much as they like our personal touch, some clients also need regionally sensitive communications. For those clients, GlobeAssist Enterprise sees All Points partnering with a choice of two of the largest and most sophisticated global playersin the industry, which provides:

  • Regional centers of excellence.
  • Consistent policy application vs. local customization.
  • Consistent reporting style from all corners of the globe.
  • Time zone specific communication with local offices.

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