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What we do

No Ordinary Relocation Services

No Ordinary Services

A quality relocation service must have processes and metrics. But it should not share its DNA with the same system that built the Model T Ford. That is when relocation becomes a risk to a corporation and its employees ~ Mike Deane

How full is our list of services? One more full than ordinary.

  • Policy Consultation
  • Domestic and Cross-border Relocation Management
  • Global Relocation and Assignment Management
  • Destination Services
  • Reporting (see our technology section)
  • Being flexible*
  • We really think flexibility is an actual service. Our clients look at it that way. Our guarantee is that you will not find a relocation company that works more flexibly than All Points. Individual relocations get individual care and to do that, you can’t work from a template.

    Mr. Deane

    I wanted to just send a quick email to say you have great employees. Our relocation counsellor is a rock star!

    My job is all about risk and we have always been able to plan our lives. We couldn’t do that with this relocation. In a very stressful time, she has provided quick, thoughtful and helpful advice. She clearly wanted to take great care of us.

    Just saying thanks to her won’t show our appreciation so I hope you are able to make her day and let her know she should keep doing what she is doing.

    Thank You

    Phil A Rollinson, B.A

    Relationship Manager | Directeur des relations d’affaires