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Who We Are

“Normal is nothing more than a
cycle on a washing machine.”

Whoopi Goldberg

No Ordinary Company



We are a proudly Canadian, independently owned relocation management company. We know the following to be true:

  • There is no such thing as a small relocation.
  • Relocating employees know that they are individuals and when a service is not individualized.
  • Cost constraint and quality relocation can co-exist.
  • In relocation corporate risk is an unanticipated problem or cost, an unreturned phone call and unhappy transferees.
  • Flexible is not a marketing phrase; it is a culture.
  • For both HR and transferees, clients just want great service.


  • We aren’t bulky.
  • We don’t put our clients in a box.
  • We don’t think your money is best spent on the status-quo or good-enough.
  • We don’t believe you can train customer service excellence; you hire it.
  • We don’t say ‘synergy’ on a conference call.
  • We don’t think all companies are the same, so our help is individual like you.

That is why your relocations need

More Extra.Less Ordinary.
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