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Who We Are

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep
your balance you must keep moving.”

Albert Einstein

Life at All Points

Far from ordinary – and that’s good.

Entrepreneurialism is in the blood.

You can’t train it. You can’t workflow it.

Entrepreneurship is the belief that it is your responsibility to create and to help. That you are not just performing a job; you have a personal stake in the outcome of that service. That’s why you stay late. That’s why you work to solve the problem better. That’s why you give…extra.

We like to think that transferees and assignees are entrepreneurs during their relocation. That’s why ordinary won’t do.

At All Points, we are all entrepreneurs when we walk through those doors.

We buzz around, we brainstorm, we smash into each other going around a corner, we spill coffee, we call the transferee, email our service partner, call our colleague in another region; we laugh, we inspire each other, we help clients…repeat.

Why do we leave our beds to buzz around like this?

To provide you with the best help we must be a team. That means we have common goals and know that the way to get there is together.

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