To be one of the best international relocation companies you need one of the best international partner networks

All Points is on its own when it comes to international relocation companies and so is our vendor network. All Points’ GlobeAssist Network is built comprehensively of like-minded global partners in over 120 countries worldwide. Whatever happens in a relocation and wherever it happens, the work always reflects on All Points’ service quality. So, whether you have relocation to China or want to relocate to Spain, we have you covered. From Sao Paulo, Seoul to Seville, GlobeAssist partners must meet our stringent standards to be part of the network.

We measure our partners by their service scores, responsiveness, reporting and of course their value. In evaluating prospective service partners, we review:

  • Years in business
  • Number of assignees managed
  • Pricing
  • Language capabilities
  • Service delivery process
  • Coverage
  • Professional affiliations / memberships / accreditations

Pre-Assignment Services

For an assignment to start well, a focus on Pre-Assignment Services is important. All Points’ Pre-Assignment Services help to ensure a successful global assignment process and ensure that your significant investment in your assignee is maximized.

While it may look like little more than a Word document, for your employee, international corporate relocation always begins with a policy that will determine the future of their career. All Points works closely with companies to develop a best-practice international relocation policy suited to the business and culture. If you already have a policy, we can assess its competitiveness through benchmarking exercises and for best practices. All Points is also able to assist with Offer Letter writing. Developing or assessing a policy? Ask All Points to put your best foot forward.

To help your company plan a successful global assignment, All Points will develop a comprehensive assignment budget. Full assignment related costing includes compensation, allowances, taxes, relocation costs and assignment benefits such as home leave. All Points will also provide relevant cost of living information, education and housing data, and compare budget-to-actual regularly. Get your costing with All Points.

If that employee or recruit is crucial to your organization, our Destination Partner will conduct a pre-transfer tour, not only orienting the employee to the local area, but helping them see that they can live and work successfully there. They will show neighbourhoods, housing and school options and the expatriate lifestyle in the host country.

International relocation companies know that it all starts with immigration. Working with our visa and immigration partners, we collect necessary documents from both your company and the assignee, ensure that all documents meet destination country requirements and ensure the immigration will succeed. After, we track all deadlines and renewal milestones.

Other Pre-Assignment Services…

Also ask us about Cultural training and language training.

Transition Services

Ready to relocate! After your assignee has signed their offer letter and immigration has been successful we are ready to transition to the new job.

Our partner network has access to literally thousands of temporary housing facilities that will meet your budget (or you assignee’s). Start the relocation right, with a comfortable temporary housing, where the employee and family can thrive.

All Points’ partners arrange tours of public, private and international schools and assist with the interview, selection and registration processes. We also identify tutoring or special-needs resources as needed. Ask us about schooling in a district that is important to you.

All Points partners are managed carefully throughout the entire process: from property research to the accompanied home finding tour, taking note of each and every visit. Lease negotiation is crucial, especially where language, laws and terms are unfamiliar: our partner will negotiate the most favorable lease terms possible, protecting your asset and protecting your company. Ask how home finding services work in countries that are important to your organization.

From necessary local registration, Tax ID’s, banking and local credit, driver’s licensing, auto options, to ensuring that the assignee can recreate some of their experiences from their origin country, settling-in services ensure that your employee is both productive immediately and happy. Ask us about necessary local registrations for countries into which you send assignees.

We monitor all aspects of the move from initial cost estimates, to packing and loading to tracking the sea or air shipment to ensure that assignees are secure in knowing where their goods are at all times. Our partner network consists of the best international movers in the business and they must specialize in overseas wrapping and containerization. We work with our movers to choose the most practical routing, always considering both time frame and cost requirements. Get a quote today.

All Points handles all aspects of your relocation policy, answers all questions, coordinate all activities, monitor all aspects of the relocation, and keep you updated along the way. All Points administers relocation benefits (such as house hunting trips, final trips or Miscellaneous Allowances) including counselling the transferee, carefully auditing and quickly reimbursing eligible expenses.

We provide complete tracking and reporting of all expenses and ensure that all expenses conform to budget, payment caps, exceptions and policy guidelines.

Other transition services…

Ask us about Spousal Employment services, which can be crucial to the success of an overseas assignment.

On Assignment Services

Now that your assignee is on his / her global assignment, you want them focused on the task at hand. All Points’ On-Assignment Services help them do exactly that.

During the course of the assignment, All Points arranges professional property management for origin homes left vacant and those that are rented out. We manage the whole process if the property is rented out including the screening of tenants, negotiation of lease agreements, management of renewals, and responding to tenant requests, coordinating maintenance and providing All Points’ tax partners or those of our clients with income reporting.

Often in a foreign country, it can be hard working with your landlord because of language barriers. From monthly lease payments, and ongoing repair or regular maintenance requirements, we work to resolve issues before they become a problem for the assignment. We are there to manage lease renewals or extensions and terminations when required.

Relocation costs still continue throughout the assignment, such as housing payments, school tuition, goods and services allowances, as well as annual leave trips. Our audit and reconciliation services include auditing the expense reports against policy and preparing and making payment or facilitating payment.

Ask us about ongoing tax management and budgetary updates through the life of the assignment.

Repatriation Services

Approximately 25 percent of international assignees leave their employer within two years of returning home. All Points can assist you with a successful re-entry, and it can often start at the beginning of the assignment. All Points’ repatriation services can assist with reverse culture shock and re-integration into the assignee’s surroundings. Repatriation services includes Departure Services surrounding the host lease (deposit refund, final negotiations), local de-registration, de-registration of vehicles as well as management of the household goods back to the home location.

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