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No Ordinary Relocation Services

Domestic & Cross-Border Relocation Services

Relocation Budgeting and Reporting

Stay informed and in control with All Points‘ reporting and budgeting tools. Real-time reports are available directly from ART™, our client secure website and we are happy to customize if required. We can send reports regularly or you can go on-line and run them yourself. Reports are in real time and go from high level management data, down to current information on relocating transferees. Either way you know your relocation costs and can make strategic decisions about relocation practices. Budgets capture all policy details or even hypothetical scenarios for offer letters and are delivered when you need them.

Home Marketing Assistance

The typical Realtor market analysis consists of kitchentable discussions and a stack of listings. Corporate clients need more. If you are incurring the cost of temporary living and policy exceptions you must also trust that the origin home is being marketed effectively. The Home Marketing Assistance Service “corporatizes” the real estate process to create an effective and accountable working relationship with Realtors and ensure homes are being marketed at the highest potential. Human Resources can answer tough internal budgetary questions with real data points. All Points also acts as a professional, unbiased resource to guide the relocating family with respect to Realtors, marketing strategies and offer negotiations. The service includes Real Estate Closing Assistance through All Points’ professional legal network.

Guaranteed Home Sale

This program provides employees with a “safety-net” guarantee offer based on appraisals professionally reviewed by All Points. The service also includes real estate closing assistance and equity advances. Our counsellors have real estate experience and help reduce inventory costs. Is independence from the real estate industry important? We know it is. We can choose the best provider in each market. Using Home Marketing Assistance in conjunction with Guaranteed Home Sale means that employees have the best chance of selling their homes for the highest possible price before inventory acquisition. Guaranteed Home Sale has seen many changes over the years: there are now hybrids that retain key benefits to employees while reducing risk to corporations. Ask All Points about variations on this valuable but complex service.

U.S. Style Home Sale Programs

For cross-border and relocations that are deemed taxable in the US, All Points follows the 11 Key Elements as set out by the Employee Relocation Council to provide the most favourable tax treatment for relocation benefits.

Home Purchase / Mortgage Assistance

Major metropolitan Canadian cities are large and diverse. Not all Realtors are experts on geographically disperse neighbourhoods. Based on our needs assessment, All Points shows all areas in which the family might live successfully. Only then are Realtor(s) selected for the transferee, with follow-up to ensure that the family is happy with the service. All Points also refers mortgage brokers and manages the process.

Household Goods Move Management

All Points supports transferees throughout the entire move process including obtaining multiple quotations from our mover’s network.

All Points also:

  • Manages the process right through any claims and insurance assistance.
  • Provides complete reporting of costs and performance.
  • Has established pricing and service level agreements with some of the industry’s top moving companies.

Moving is a top cost!

Moving is one of the top two costs in any relocation and our clients rely on us to be prudent and to catch any errors that might add to the expense of relocation. Ask us about our audit process.

Relocation Expense Management

All Points administers relocation benefits including counselling the transferee, carefully auditing and quickly reimbursing eligible expenses. We provide complete tracking and reporting of all expenses: taxable, non-taxable along with gross-up costs and can do so within the appropriate pay cycle for remittance.

Flexible Policy Management

Flexible relocation policies mix the security of defined benefits with the predictability of a pre-calculated lump sum. We write and administer Core-Flex, Tiered and Cafeteria Style Policies for our clients and their transferring employees.

Lump Sum Management

Lump Sum Management is often a misunderstood process in Canadian relocation. Lump Sums are the right choice for many companies’ relocation plans, however, sending out lump sums from the company means that they must be taxed at source. Even reimbursement-based capped programs can miss important tax tracking and full optimization of benefits. This can mean thousands of dollars of inefficiency for either the employee or the employer.

A Lump Sum Management Service reduces Human Resources administration and provides cost tracking and reporting so clients can monitor how lump sums are spent. In addition to no tax gross-up requirement and an increased list of non-taxable relocation expenses, we provide your employees support and professional referrals to Realtors, moving companies, mortgage brokers and more.

Renter Relocation Assistance

This service provides policy counselling, detail coordination and lease-breaking assistance to your relocating renters.

Comparable Housing Studies

Do you need to assess cost of living differences between Canadian cities? Most of the difference is usually made up in the housing rather than other costs and you can often subsidize housing differences tax effectively. Our Comparable Housing Study establishes the equivalent dollar value of destination housing, comparable to the employee’s origin location home. All Points analyzes statistical data to identify equivalent neighbourhoods and directly compares the origin property to similar properties recently sold/rented and currently available at the destination.

Cross-Border Management

All Points is the leader in translating relocation practices from American into Canadian and vice versa. Cross-border relocations come with many potential pitfalls. Corporations turn to All Points to better understand American practices – relocation, real estate and moving expressed in Canadian terms. Our clients need to relocate personnel across the border with confidence and All Points helps them do just that.

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