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Relocation benefits may be taxable.

Canada Relocation: Do you hold relocation benefits open for one year?

Canada Relocation: Do you hold your relocation benefits open for one year?  You may want to qualify them. It is very common in many relocation policies to allow benefits to be available for one year.  Very often this one year provision was intended to assist with origin properties that took long periods to sell.  Unfortunately,…

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Rent control loophole

Landlords find “loophole” to Rent Control in Ontario

Landlords find “loophole” to Rent Control in Ontario Most people are under a misunderstanding about Rent Control in Ontario.  They believe that landlords can only increase rental rates each year according to guidelines as set out by the Ministry.  And it is true that this is the case for many rentals, however…. A little known…

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nighttime for small accounts in Canada

What happened to small volume relocation clients at Brookfield Relocation?

In an unprecedented move in the relocation industry, Brookfield Global Relocation Services has sold its small and medium size corporate accounts.  Brookfield is reportedly doing this so it can fo­cus on serving larger clients and government business, according to several sources.   All Points has always benefited from the business of small to medium volume…

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Toronto rents increase at fast pace

Everyone knows about Toronto’s hot housing market, so it should come as no surprise when there is a spillover effect into the rental market. As a Destination Services specialist, All Points saw an almost unprecedented low number of rentals on the market this summer contributing not only to higher rental rates, but an extreme challenge…

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How will Vancouver’s 15% tax on foreign buyers affect relocation?

In its ongoing attempt to rein in the runaway price increases in Vancouver’s hot real estate market, the BC government has introduced legislation that taxes foreign nationals an extra 15 per cent when buying real estate there. The legislation became effective on August 2. Effects: It should be said that this is a punitive tax. …

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Vancouver Mayor’s proposal could affect Domestic Secondments and Global Assignments

Vancouver’s mayor has announced that the city is looking at imposing a tax on vacant homes. Depending on how the proposed law is written this could increase the cost of domestic secondments and global assignments. However, we first have to remind ourselves of CRA guidelines for such assignments. What are the CRA Guidelines regarding assignments?  …

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International Mobility Program – Temporary Foreign Workers Employer Compliance in Canada

When a company hires a LMIA Exempt Temporary Foreign Worker through the International Mobility Program (IMP) and pays that Employer Compliance Fee, does it actually contribute to anything? 1. Yes you may be inspected…now what When a company hires a LMIA Exempt Temporary Foreign Worker through the International Mobility Program (IMP) and pays that Employer…

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Rental Vacancy Rates at critically low levels in Greater Vancouver and Toronto Areas

Just recently Vancouver’s rental vacancy rate was measured at being the lowest in the world at 0.6%. CMHC has not released its figures, so Toronto’s rate is not currently known (last year’s published rate was 1.6%), but it is expected to be low, although not as low as that of Vancouver. Single Family Detached Homes…

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Citizenship and Immigration documents and your Fort McMurray Evacuees

Due to the wildfires and forced evacuation of Fort McMurray, there will be many assignees that have lost their official immigration documents or have at least had them damaged. The government has put in place special measures including priority processing and free replacement of Canadian citizenship and immigration documents. They have also included an extension…

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Preparing your transferees for Peak Household Goods Shipment Season can be the difference between a make or break relocation.

Why does Peak Season matter? Peak Season is also the season where a transferee is more statistically likely to experience delays, poor service, damage or all three. Think about it this way. During the non-peak months, your transferee will get a team of three professionals helping them with their relocation. During peak season, teams get…

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