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Secondments The Domestic Assignment

October 1, 2010: Canadian corporations are using more and more temporary secondments to meet their staffing needs. Domestic business strategies have always employed the use of short-term secondments, but it appears that they are increasing in frequency. This should not come as a surprise for three reasons. First, companies have used international assignments as a…

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Is a North American Unit policy right for you?

July 1, 2010: Companies often have domestic relocation policies that are based on the relocation practices of the country in which the Head Office is located. As relocations in other countries grow over time, the original domestic policy can be shoe-horned to work elsewhere. As relocation practitioners, we know this approach is not very effective…

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Do You Have an Effective Global Mobility Program?

July 1, 2010: There will be a further 50% growth in international assignments by 2020. Talent mobility 2020: the next generation of international assignments, a PricewaterhouseCoopers Report Global policy and practice reviews almost always come too late! This is to be expected, especially during and after the recession. There are so many things that get…

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