When should you offer to support Permanent Residency for your Employee?

With more than 280.000 immigrants, Canada is a country many people want to live in. Even in 2020, the number of permanent residents rose, especially when borders were still opening. With the gradual return of the economy and the reopening of borders, this number may grow.

Having a job offer is one of the ways immigrants can enter Canada and eventually pursue a pathway to Permanent Residency. Still, many companies may not want to sponsor a PR Visa Application, even though this is a huge benefit to their employees.

Why? Once an employee has their PR, they can work for anyone.

There is, however, one specific scenario where it may be essential to open a position to foreign individuals and sponsor their application: when you are in a competitive industry.

Is your company in a War for Talent?

It is simple. Ask your recruiting team how hard a time they are having filling positions.  If the answer is, “It is incredibly hard,” then you should consider opening up your searches to international talent.  You can often get them into Canada on a work permit through the Global Talent Stream program.

As we explain in our e-book Relocation by Industry, high-tech companies may need to relocate recruits or employees with hard-to-find skill sets with different allowances depending on the level of the worker and where they come from. With competitive benefits being offered by your competitors, a sponsored PR Visa Application can be a compelling draw to those applicants.

How to sponsor a Permanent Residency Visa Application?

As stated by the Canadian government, a permanent resident has been granted permanent resident status after coming to Canada but is not a citizen of Canada.

Their status is valid through a PR card that allows them to receive social benefits, including health care coverage, and they can live, work or study anywhere in Canada. This is also the first step to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Today, someone can become a permanent resident if they have a job offer, are skilled workers, or are opening a start-up here. Very often for work permit holders, they will pursue their PR status through Express Entry.

As mentioned, this can be seen as a risk for a business owner since the employee could now be free to work anywhere in Canada. However, it is important to remember that if your industry needs qualified workers, you need to offer compelling benefits, including the lure of permanent residency.  Some companies will cover the entire cost of permanent residency.  Others will only cover a portion, such as half the cost.

Living in Canada is a popular option with people the globe over.  Win over your new hire with the excellent living standards and great cities of Canada, by sponsoring PR Status. Grow your company with the most capable professionals, wherever they are. Contact All Points to discuss your relocation options.

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