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What do you mean my global assignee’s car seat is illegal in Canada?

Yes it is true, if a global assignee has brought their car seat from overseas, it may be illegal to use in Canada, and he or she may also be hit with fines and demerit points on their driving record if convicted.

Transport Canada and Health Canada are concerned that parents and caregivers may not know that it is illegal to import and use in Canada a seat that does not comply with Canadian standards.

Under Health Canada’s Restraint Systems and Booster Seats for Motor Vehicles Regulations, and in accordance with the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, child, infant, and booster seats that do not comply with certain specifications of Transport Canada’s Motor Vehicle Restraint Systems and Booster Seat Safety Regulations (RSSR) must not be imported, advertised or sold in Canada whether by individuals or for commercial purposes. Furthermore, provincial and territorial legislation does not allow their use in Canada. Their laws are enforced on roadways by provincial and territorial police.

Do visiting drivers need to follow Canada’s child car seat and booster seat laws?

If the vehicle is registered in any Canadian province (including rental vehicles):

• YES – The transferee must follow all of the provincial child car seat and booster seat regulations.
• YES – The transferee’s child car seat or booster seat must fully comply with provinces child car seat laws.

If the vehicle is registered in another province or country:

• The transferee can use a child car seat or booster seat from his/her home province or country in that vehicle only until it is registered in Canada


• When purchasing a child seat for use in Canada, parents and caregivers should look for the National Safety Mark label attached to the seat, indicating that the seat complies with Canadian regulations and standards, and is therefore legal for use in Canada.
• When shopping online for a child seat, please ensure that the vendor is offering a seat that is certified to Canadian standards and carries the National Safety Mark. If it does not have this Mark the global assignee or permanent transfer to Canada may not legally use the car seat in any Canadian registered (including rented) vehicle.

National Safety Mark


Child safety is always of top importance to parents and some from overseas put a lot of trust in car seats that they have bought in the origin country. It is important for Human Resources to advise global assignees and permanent transfers to Canada not to bring their child car seats, because they will have to throw them out upon arrival.  They will be illegal to use.  This can cause a problem at the airport upon first arrival as most car rental agencies do not rent car seats.  There may be no way to drive away from the airport with a legally conforming car seat.

Book an airport pick up from All Points Relocation. We will bring the appropriately installed car seats in our vehicle to transport your assignee. During their time with All Points, we can take them to purchase a Canadian car seat or they can arrange to purchase one online.

Posted on May 19, 2016 in Relolert

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  1. Marilyn
    July 6, 2016 at 5:40 am · Reply

    I want to check the pram seat (stroller) in as baggage but take the base and car seat in the cabin. Emirates say that normally if you take a base and stroller seat it either folds and is put in overhead or stored where cabin crew sit but with a car seat as it doesn’t fold can be stored with crew. We’ve booked a skycot so that’s fine. I know what baggage handlers are like and if we check in car seat as luggage it could very easily be damaged and get a hairline crack.

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