Trump’s America First policy and Amazon’s recent rental space in Vancouver and Toronto. Not a coincidence.

Trump’s America First policy is creating a distinct advantage for Canada to attract tech-talent.

Recently Amazon took out 76,000 square feet of commercial space in Vancouver and 112,000 square feet in Toronto’s Scotia Plaza.  This is not related to the current HQ2 contest for which there are a number of competing Canadian cities. Is it coincidence that these expansions are happening in Canada, where immigration policies are more progressive than those of Trump’s America First Policy? It is almost assured that a good number of the positions that fill these spaces will be here on work permits.

President Donald Trump has already made moves to cut immigration levels by half over the next decade. Similarly, President Obama’s “Start-up Visa”, which should have been slam dunk legislation in order to attract entrepreneurs interested in starting up ventures in the United States has been delayed until March 2018 “to make sure the policy is consistent with president Donald Trump’s executive order calling for increased immigration enforcement.”

All Points Relocation Canada is directly aware of a high-tech company that is scrambling to expand in Canada, to include up to 3,000 positions of high-tech software engineers that are currently employed in the United States.  We do not know whether these Canadian positions are needed because of the overturning of DACA or simply to continue to employ foreign nationals on visas that may not get renewed in the United States.  Either way, we do know that it is because of the immigration climate in the United States, and…here is the kicker… they will continue to work on American software projects remotely from Canada. That is an easy gain for the Canadian economy.

All Points Relocation Services Canada is a relatively small company.  We cannot be the only one  that is witnessing an example of this.

Immigration does not always effect corporate relocation, but this time Trump’s America First Policy does.

All Points Relocation Canada has complained about the LMIA process before and how it is more onerous than the old LMO process.

However, the Trudeau government has improved upon these measures.  Through the Global Streams Process, processing times have been reduced significantly (more on this in a separate relo-lert).  And through it the LMIA process is less stringent. Such improvements have proven valuable to many employers. And, in general, Canada is far more open to foreign talent than is the United States, especially under the Trump administration.

We often hear about immigration changes in the news, however, they frequently have little to do with corporate relocation. This, however, has direct impact on corporate relocation.   With Trump’s America First Policy, and just as importantly, Trump’s immigration tone, Canada’s more open policy is resulting in corporate relocation. This benefits everyone in our industry, from relocation companies such as All Points Relocation Canada, to movers to temporary accommodation providers.

Thanks Trump!

Trump’s America First policy (never mind his cutting of scientific research) is driving all kinds of great skills towards Canada under our current immigration policies. In the case of All Points Relocation  Canada’s first hand example above, all employees have worked within the same corporation for over one year, so they can come in as Intra-Company Transfers rather easily.  It is just as they teach you in business and in sports: when you see an opening created by your competition you must dive towards it aggressively. We have been given a gift and we should take further advantage of it. For those companies that do not conform to the requirements of the Global Talent Stream, the stringent requirements of the LMIA remain, and they should be loosened. Taking advantage of this opportunity is not just the chance of a lifetime, but of generations.

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