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Temporary Accommodation Challenges in Toronto

August 7, 2012:

Yes, it is that time again the Toronto International Film Festival will be running from September 6th to September 16th. As a result, temporary accommodation will be virtually unavailable in the Toronto area for the first two weeks of September. Given the high demand, the price for any available accommodation will escalate upwards making what is available out of the reach of most relocation programs and Transferees budgets.

If possible home finding visits should be scheduled before the festival or delayed until after the festival is over. This would be beneficial for everyone.

While we are forecasting that availability and pricing will revert to normal levels after the festival is over we do expect that there will be a pent up demand. We recommend that you book now for any temporary accommodation requirements needed for September 17th.

Posted on August 7, 2012 in Relolert

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