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Do you have household goods moves going overland through Ontario and Manitoba? Canada’s only bridge between east and west is out!

The CBC has reported, early this morning that a newly constructed bridge in northern Ontario has broken and is in need of repair. This indefinitely closes the Trans-Canada highway — the only road connecting Eastern and Western Canada. We recommend that you call your movers right away for reports on any active, or soon-to-be active…

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Are your transferees delaying their move to Calgary?

All Points has seen a hesitation among some transferees moving to Calgary, because they believe that house prices are going to fall and they do not want to purchase a depreciating asset. The Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) has recently reported a significant year over year drop in the total sales of homes in Calgary.…

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Rising Canadian Mortgage Rates – What it means for your relocations.

Canadian mortgage rates rose last week as a result of one large lender raising its rates, setting a trend that the industry followed. This is a cycle we’ve seen several times. These movements have shrunk average five-year variable rate discounts from prime minus 0.6% to prime minus 0.4% and increased five year fixed rates from…

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