Stampede Demand Limits Temporary Accommodation Options and Affordability

May 28, 2015:

One to 1.2 million people will pass through the gates of the Calgary Stampede this year to see the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth according to Calgary Tourism. Temporary accommodation is virtually unavailable in the Calgary area until after July 31st.  Given the high demand, the price for any available accommodation has escalated upwards to $300 – $500 per night, which is unrealistic for most relocation programs and Transferees budgets. Hotels still have some availability but will be priced at the higher end due to scarcity.

We are aware that Canmore may have some space but, again, it is very pricey (even without Stampede issues). Other outlying areas such as Airdrie also have some availability but they are also at inflated prices at this time.

If possible home finding visits should be delayed until after the festivities are over. This would be beneficial for everyone.

While we are forecasting that availability and pricing will revert to normal levels in August we do expect that there will be a pent up demand. We recommend that you book now for any temporary accommodation requirements needed for August 1st.

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