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Pan Am Pandemonium for Toronto bound relocations this summer.

May 15, 2015:

By: Winfred Kadoma
Global Relocation Coordinator

The Pan Am and the Parapan Am Games will create gridlock and temporary accommodation challenges in the Greater Toronto Area from early July to mid-August. Companies should review plans for assignees and transferees right away!

The Pan American Games (also known colloquially as the Pan Am Games) are a major sporting event in the Americas featuring summer sports not unlike those in the summer Olympics.

This summer, Toronto is host to the Pan American Games, taking place from:

The Pan American Games: July 10 to 26
The Parapan Am Games: August 7 to 15, 2015.

Here are some brief stats on the Games:

  • 41 Countries competing
  • 51 Sport events
  • 7,500 Athletes.
  • 30 total venues
  • 16 different municipalities

The 16 municipalities across southern Ontario affected are:
AjaxHamiltonInnisfilMarkhamMiltonMindenMississaugaMonoOro-MedonteOshawaPalgraveSt. Catharines, Toronto (Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough) and Welland.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, the Pan AM Games will be three times larger than the 2010 Vancouver Olympics with more than 10,000 participants after one includes all athletes, coaches, and officials. There will be an estimated 250,000 visitors to the city.

Temporary Accommodations in Hot Demand – Scarcity on the horizon

As a result of the upcoming Pan Am and Parapan Am games, temporary accommodation will be more expensive and less available in Toronto and surrounding regions this summer. Given the high demand, the price for available accommodation will escalate quickly, putting accommodation costs above current relocation and transferee budgets. Human Resources must prepare line managers that global assignments, international transfers and domestic transfers will all need budget increases for temporary living. In addition, assignees and transferees need to prepare that the best quality apartments and locations are likely to be gone by the time of booking.

If possible, home finding visits should be scheduled before the games or delayed until after the games are over.

While we are forecasting that availability and pricing will revert to normal after the Games are finished we do expect that there will be a pent up demand, so relief may not be immediate.

All Points recommends that you book now!

All Points recommends that you book immediately for any temporary accommodation requirements needed for July10th going forward, if not earlier periods. Please be informed that some of our partners are reporting that they already have low capacity for much of June already and, not surprisingly, some providers are indicating that they are beginning to sell out for the months of July and August. Many are citing the spillover effect from a shortage of hotel vacancies during this time frame.

Transportation/ Travel Advisory

While there will be an impact on flights into and out of Toronto, it is travel within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) about which we are most concerned.

General traffic changes – Toronto and the GTA

During the Games, many routes will be busier than normal, especially during rush hour. Temporary traffic measures such as parking restrictions or turning bans will reduce congestion near venues and ensure Games participants can travel safely to and from events. However, any such restrictions and measures, which are geared to the Games, but not to assisting assignees around the city, will have a negative impact on the delivery of destination services

Planning ahead:

If companies are unable to avoid Pan Am Games’ timeframes they must be prepared that regular destination services will take longer to deliver. From orientation services to rental viewing to settling-in and government compliance services, any action that requires driving and parking will take longer, resulting in far less getting done in regularly allotted times. Clients need to prepare for requests for extensions to services.

For more information on the games, please find some links below:

For the official Games video:

For local traffic changes:

Pan Am/Parapan Am Games travel guide for businesses:

TORONTO 2015 Venues:

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