Ontario may soon require salary ranges to be viewable in job postings

Ontario’s employers could soon be required to include salary ranges in job postings under new legislation recently announced by the Ford government. The province is also considering curtailing the use of workplace non-disclosure agreements.

Labour Minister David Piccini is preparing to introduce a bill that will include mandatory salary ranges in job postings and make it obligatory for businesses to disclose their use of artificial intelligence in the hiring process.

“It’s an unacceptable reality that women today in Ontario earn an average of 87 cents for every dollar earned by men,” Piccini said at a news conference. “Including salary ranges with job postings can help close the gender pay gap, while allowing companies to find qualified candidates faster and improve retention, helping tackle the labour shortage.”

The government stated that in Ontario last year, 37% of online job ads included salary details. Including salary ranges in job postings is seen as a measure to address the gender pay gap. “At a time when many companies are posting record profits, it is only fair they communicate transparently about how they pay workers.”

Piccini’s new legislation also proposes to require employers to inform jobseekers when they are using AI to inform hiring decisions.

“AI systems are able to tell age, sex, race, religion, political affiliation and can even evaluate your social media accounts to see if someone’s personal traits would be a good fit for a company’s culture. Moreover, experts have very legitimate concerns over data collection and personal privacy.”

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