OHIP is creating problems for some expatriates

OHIP is creating problems for some expatriates, based on our observations at All Points Relocation Canada.

For eligible expatriates with a work permit, coverage becomes effective 90 days from receipt of the work permit (some conditions apply).  Coverage for qualified dependents also starts 90 days from the issuance of the work permit in most instances, but coverage may be delayed if the dependent arrives later than the work permit holder.

In order to apply for OHIP, eligible expatriates need to show proof of residence in Ontario. Documents accepted include:

  • Original lease if they are renting (a photocopy of a lease or a digitally negotiated lease are generally not accepted)
  • Purchase documents if they have bought a house (mortgage or deed)
  • Utility bills mailed to their residence.
  • Bank statements mailed to their residence.
  • A letter from your employer verifying their employment and place of residence.

All Points Relocation Canada has helped thousands of employees apply and get their OHIP.  Very often we apply when it is most expedient – at the time they sign their original lease.  At this time, we can apply for OHIP even if it will only become activated many days later because of the effective period described above.

So OHIP is creating problems for some expatriates. How?

Recently, All Points Relocation Canada has observed that OHIP is creating problems for some expatriates.  We have come across OHIP clerks that have turned away expatriates who come with their original lease as proof of residency.  This is reportedly because they are not living in the residence yet.  The OHIP clerks have advised that the term of the lease has not started yet.  Supposedly this is interpreted to mean that they are not yet residents.

This is bureaucratic nonsense and could create a medical and financial problem for expatriates if they forget to apply for OHIP down the road and have a health problem.  The reason to allow them to apply at the point of signing a lease (remember, it doesn’t even become effective until they have been here for 90 days), is that they are taking care of all kinds of administrative activities at this time, which allows them to settle into the job successfully.  All Points Relocation Canada helps them apply for their social insurance number, open their bank account and apply for their driver’s license amongst other things.  To disallow them for applying for OHIP at the same time as these tasks is just bureaucratic rules run amok.  And…it does not happen consistently.  We have only seen this happen a handful of times.

All Points Relocation Canada will be checking with the Ministry itself in order to get an interpretation and will update our readers at that time.


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