New Rules for Temporary Foreign Workers

June 13, 2013:

The fallout from the Temporary Foreign Workers scandal that first broke in April of this year continues. The Globe and Mail reports that recent changes, just published allow HRSDC or CIC officers to walk in on businesses as part of a random audit or because they suspect a company of fraudulently using the Temporary Foreign Workers Program. The powers they will have upon entering a property are wide and include:

  • Examining anything on the premises
  • Questioning employers and staff
  • Requesting documents
  • Using photocopiers to copy records
  • Take photographs, make video or audio recordings

The Globe and Mail goes onto quote Nancy Carol, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, as noting that, “Immigration officers will be able to ask employers at any time during a foreign worker’s employment, and for up to six years after the relevant worker’s work permit expires, to demonstrate, that they are meeting or met their conditions for employing temporary foreign workers.”

All Points strongly recommends that Canadian corporations using this program put their processes through a very thorough and careful audit right away, including investigating any de-centralized application processes that might exist outside of the knowledge of Human Resources. All Points expects this latest announcement to put a further chill over the program.

This Relo-lert is intended for informational use only. If you have any questions regarding the impact of this information on your organization, please contact All Points Relocation at [email protected].

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