Italy Introduces EU Blue Card

September 5, 2012:

After Germany had recently started issuing the EU Blue Card, Italy has now released its version of the Blue Card.

To be eligible, a non-EU national must have a confirmed job offer or valid work contract with a sponsoring employer in Italy and hold at least a three-year university degree or equivalent work experience.

The sponsoring employer is responsible for submitting the application on the employee’s behalf. Prior to entering Italy, the employee must also apply for an entry visa after the Blue Card has been granted.

Also, foreign nationals that have held another EU country’s Blue Card for at least 18 months will automatically qualify for the Italian Blue Card and do not require a visa to enter Italy. Under these circumstances, the sponsoring employer must submit a Blue card application within one month of entry and cannot work until it has been granted and the employee has executed a contract of stay after arriving in Italy.

After staying in Italy for 18 months, Blue Card holders are able to enter other EU countries without a visa.

It should be noted that this is a significant development in Italy, as it has a history that has not been particularly friendly or efficient to global mobility.

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Source: Fragomen

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