International Hiring: 4 reasons why an employee would accept your job offer

The last few years have changed hiring considerably by expanding options globally. Companies can now find the right employee anywhere in the world, and capable professionals now have more opportunities.

When you can go anywhere in the world, people tend to reevaluate what is important to them. If you are a business wanting to hire international employees, it is useful to know what makes people motivated to move and why someone would accept a job offer in another country.

1. Relationship changes

Whether it is a divorce or the birth of a new baby, some very personal changes can impact people’s decision to move. Canada’s immigration plans, for example, take into account the companionship of a partner in the immigration process.

A relationship change also impacts the likelihood of international hiring. A new divorcee may look for a job very far away from their current home, while the partner of someone going to study abroad may be looking for a high-skilled position.

2. Embracing adulthood

In 2021, the oldest members of Generation Z are in their mid-20s. Most of them have already had their first jobs but are eager to start a real career. One of the things that “embracing adulthood” encompasses is moving away from home.

Young professionals tend to look for good opportunities in other places, including other countries. Being at the beginning of their careers, they are not as expensive to hire as more experienced individuals and are loyal to companies that offer opportunities beyond a salary, like helping with relocation.

3. Chance for a better living

Some people start looking for a job abroad while in their current home. In 2020, more than 280 million people chose to live in another country and having a job offer is an important first step in many immigration processes.

With the possibility of remote work, high-skilled professionals are less worried about their salaries and more focused on the quality of life their surroundings can provide. When an individual can earn the same by working from the coffee shop in the next block or on another continent, it is important to promote the great city, province or country in which you are located.

4. Great job offer

On the other hand, professionals from all over the world are now searching for the best opportunities without being restricted to location, therefore, if your company wants to start international hiring, it’s time to make it known worldwide. Of course, hiring someone from outside the country may be a little more complicated, but the reward will be loyalty to you and your company.

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