Immigration filing fees go up in the UK

On March 18, companies will be paying more for immigration fees for their global assignees and permanent relocations to the UK.

There is a small increase of 2% work visas:

  • Tier 2 visa route application up to three years (outside the UK): £564 to £575 (Increase of £11)
  • Tier 2 visa route application up to three years (inside the UK): £651 to £664 (Increase of £13)

It is in keeping with the Home Office’s previous announcements that fees would increase for foreign nationals seeking work permits. However, the more significant adjustments are to those that wish to stay. Many companies support their global assignees to apply for a settlement application in order to localize them. These fees are going up significantly, because it is felt that these routes have the highest benefits to successful applicants. A settlement application is an approximate equivalent of what would be called Permanent Residency in Canada.

Fees for UK settlement, residence and nationality will increase by 25% in 2016–17;

  • Settlement application: £1500 to £1875 (Increase of £375)
  • Naturalisation application: £1,005 to £1,156 (Increase of £151)


While Human Resources and Global Mobility may not need to be aware of the small increases for work permits, the larger increases to settlement and naturalisation applications should be communicated to those that may be offering these benefits.

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