How to choose a relocation company

We know that more companies are expanding not only their customers but also their workforce to a global operation. When deciding to go international, contracting a relocation company is one of a business’s first needs.

That is why we prepared this brief guide of 3 things you need to consider when choosing a relocation company.

1. Network and Partnerships

One of the difficulties companies and individuals find when trying to handle relocations by themselves is negotiating with vendors. A good relocation company has a huge network of partners that offer services on a large scale. This means not only will the service be cheaper, but that you are also relying on a long-lasting relationship between two business partners that can help you if anything goes wrong.

2. Time in the market

Being in business for a short time doesn’t necessarily mean a company is not to be trusted, but having more experience goes side by side with being prepared for trouble.

After a few decades, it is hard for a customer to find a problem we hadn’t encountered before. We are always learning from past experiences and use this information to help companies and employees to make better choices.

3. Customer service

The basis of relocation is the work with other people. Knowing how a company treats their customers is just as important as pricing. It is more than treating customers with respect; but also answering questions and exceeding expectations.

A corporate relocation company works with businesses, HR, and the final client – your assignee. So, when looking for a relocation service, pay attention not only to how they treat you but also how they treat your employee.

All Points has more than 30 years of experience with corporate relocation in North America. Reach out to us and start your relocation policy right now.

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