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Form C required for immigration applications by Chennai Immigration office

September 13, 2013:

As reported by the Santa Fe Group, Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in Chennai India has announced that immigration applications now must be accompanied with a Form C submission.

All hotels, guest houses, Dharmashala, individual houses, universities, hospitals, institute, or other accommodation provider must submit the details of the residing foreigner in Form C to registration authorities within 24 hours of the arrival of the foreigner at their premises.

This is an expanded list: Form C was previously required only if the applicant was residing in temporary accommodations such as guest house or hotel.

Santa Fe reports that the other regions are expected to adopt the requirement in the near future.

This affects all Canadian companies sending employees to Chennai on short term assignments, long term global assignments or permanent international relocations. All Points recommends that companies review any current processes for global assignee(s) arrival in India.

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