Five ways to feel at home in an assignment

When we talk about corporate relocation, companies and employees take a lot of time thinking about work fit. However, our house is where we spend most of our time, no matter in what country we live. Expatriates can have a hard time feeling at home in a new country, city, and house.

We’ve put together a few tips to make your (or your employee’s) new house feel like home:

1. Start with the kids’ room

It may seem hard to feel homesick when travelling with all your family, but kids will be the first ones to miss their friends and family. If you have your little ones around, you may want to prioritize building, furnishing and decorating their room.

Pay attention not only to what they want but also to their needs. Make sure they have a proper place to do their homework and also entertain their visitors. Invite them to unpack with you and make them feel part of the process by allowing the kids to choose colours, furniture positions and new bedsheets.

2. Buy comfy furniture

Chances are you are going to spend evenings and weekends at home until you meet new people. You need to make sure your house is comfortable and inviting.

Invest in a good sofa and a comforter for your bed. Try to adapt the new house to your hobbies: do you like cooking? Focus on furnishing the kitchen first. Gardeners may want a nice patio. And film enthusiasts may budget for a fancy new TV.

3. Build a new schedule

Your routine was probably regulated with your last home. In a new place, many things can change, from figuring out bus schedules to when the sun goes down. Therefore, it is important to adjust.

Search for activities in the neighbourhood. Create a schedule for the best time to do your hobbies (are you a morning or afternoon jogger?), and don’t forget to pick the kids at school. Soon enough, you’ll have built a new schedule that works perfectly for your new city.

4. Explore the public transport system

Even if you plan on using a car for your day-to-day work and chores, learning to use your local public transport is essential. Not only will you be prepared for emergencies, but it is also a nice way to discover your new city.

Find train and metro stations near you and engage with the bus drivers. You never know when you are going to need public transport. Also, it’s worth doing the math to see if taking the metro isn’t cheaper than maintaining your car.

5. Build a network of fellow ex-pats

Maybe you want to leave your last place behind, but chances are you are already homesick. Many people feel like this, and about 20% of Canada’s population are immigrants. That being said, it should not be that hard to find an expatriate community.

They can be your first friends in these moments of change. The internet: Reddit, Twitter and even Slack can be great places to start.

So, are you ready to move?

Many companies are providing their assignees with different services to make them feel comfortable away from home. All Points specializes in corporate relocation and can assist you and your employee(s) through this journey.

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