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Extremely Low Vacancy Rates In Calgary, Alberta

June 27, 2013:

Due to the extreme flooding in Alberta, temporary accommodation, both corporate suites and hotels, are virtually unavailable in the Calgary area. Thousands that have been affected and are just now beginning to rebuild but Calgary Mayor NaheedNenshi has promised to do everything in his power to continue with the Calgary Stampede events and this in combination with the flooding will provide almost zero vacancy. This is particularly true in central and downtown Calgary which was the most impacted by the flooding. Those without an ability to alter their travel plans without a prior reservation may find the only available options to be more than an hour out of the downtown core.

If possible you should hold back your assignments until after the festivities are over July 14th, 2013. This would be beneficial for everyone.

Posted on June 27, 2013 in Relolert

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