Express Entry Tilts towards greater French Language Proficiency

There has been an adjustment to Canada’s Express Entry application intake system, which represents a big change for immigration in Canada.  It will now award more points to those who have strong French language ability, who are applying for permanent residence.  This will come into effect on June 6, 2017.

How is it different than the current Proficiency Test?

The current test awards applicants up to 160 points based on their combined abilities in French and English.  There is no change to this scoring system.  Instead, the change is in addition to the current scoring system.  Those who obtain French language results of level 7 with the NLC will receive 15 additional  points, while those with NLC 7 results and English results of the Canadian Language Benchmark level 5 or higher will receive 30 additional points.

These extra possible points represent a distinct advantage for those with good French skills desiring to become permanent residents.  Express Entry can be a daunting process, but Human Resources should make those interested in permanent residency aware of this important change.

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