Destination Services Canada Edition: Lease Renewal Assistance

When thinking about “Relocation Canada” – you may be thinking about Destination Services. Destination Services encompasses various internal business procedures for relocating employees, their families, or even entire business departments to a different location. The destination service marks the start of your assignee’s new role. It’s a time when it’s essential to set the tone for employee well-being and make a good first impression.

Assignees can experience frustration and delays before they start work. Dissatisfaction with the new city and home can lead to a failed assignment. Destination Services provides assignees with accompanied support, helps them navigate the many challenges of landing in Canada and, of course, helps them find their new home.

All Points also provides tenancy management services through the assignment, including ongoing liaise with the landlord or property manager, payment of rent, and lease renewal assistance.

The benefits of Destination Services are that it reduces administrative demands on both your department and your assignee. It minimizes deductions from security deposits and ensures Landlords fulfill their obligations. Destination Services ensures the satisfaction of your assignee.

All Points is the only Canadian employee relocation company that delivers Destination Services without outsourcing. Are you interested in relocating to Toronto, relocating to Montreal, relocating to Vancouver, relocating to Calgary, or relocation to name-your-Canadian-city? Well… we have the Destination Services for you.

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