What to Expect from your Movers in the age of COVID-19

Moves go on even in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to grow in the post-shutdown world. How can you be sure that your mover is providing an appropriate level of protection to your relocating employees, when they relocate in July and August and beyond?

We are proud of the deep relationships that we have forged with our clients and are truly honoured that you trust us with the relocation of your employees in these challenging times.

All Points would like to advise its clients and friends of the company as to the practices one should expect from their moving company at this time.

Company Assurance for Customers

-Expect smiles not handshakes;

-Increased hygiene & hand washing protocols;

-All staff entering the home should have disposable latex gloves, masks and hand sanitizer with them;

– Virtual surveys and site visits in favour of in-home surveys and site visits;

– You should be assured by the driver that each employee is in good health and shows no signs of the COVID-19 virus; your employee should be informed if any of the moving team has COVID-like symptoms after the move has occurred;

-Drivers should be able to assure your employees that trucks have been sprayed with a disinfection agent after each use. You should also be assured that all packing materials are also being disinfected;

-Mattress bags are not re-used;

-Clean moving supplies such as new boxes and tape;

-Deeper cleaning & sanitation of offices

All Points is instructing our clients’ transferees of the above and to refuse services if they are not satisfied with the moving teams’ responses. We are also ensuring that our mover network is adhering to the above principles.

All Points thanks our clients for their continued trust in our services and we hope to maintain the high standard that we have set before and during these times. Stay safe and healthy. Special thanks to Quality Move Management and McWilliams Moving and Storage for their assistance for this list.

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