Montreal Grand Prix will make it hard for Temporary Accommodation in June

For those in corporate relocation who are thinking of bringing people into Montreal in June, be warned that temporary accommodations will be far less available and far more expensive.  This is because the Montreal Grand Prix 2022 is taking place on Sunday, June 19.  However, the festivities start on Thursday June 16 and crowds are expected to make a vacation of it and settle into Montreal for the entire week.

When we have seen such events in the past (such as during TIFF in Toronto), we have seen temporary accommodations block off their calendars in order to take on guests for the event at higher prices.  In other cases, they just increase the rent during the days of the event – call it peak pricing.

Could this be muted because of Airbnb?

There are two possibly positive effects of Airbnb on the usual problems that can develop with temporary accommodation during events like the Grand Prix.  A) People renting out their places as airbnb’s during the event grow in number, so there is more product on the market.  B) Since the advent and growth of Airbnb, a lot of condominium boards have outlawed stays shorter than 30 days.  This means, in effect, that the temporary accommodation agencies that used to be able to book for short stays around an event, are not able to because they are in buildings that have outlawed short stays.  Thanks Airbnb.

But still…book right away

All Points is recommending that companies requiring temporary accommodation in the middle of June book right away or postpone the trip until after the Grand Prix.

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