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Provincial registration offices opening – but confusing

Subscribe to our Newsletter here. As provinces begin to open, so do their registration offices.  However, with a near complete shut down of the vast majority of these offices since mid-March, there is significant pent-up demand for registrations, address changes, etc. In addition there is some confusion or challenges in some of these offices, so All…

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Bank Lending Tightening Up – Affecting Relocating Homeowners -PS Relocation is the Solution to any possible decline in house prices.

Subscribe to our Newsletter here. All Points is starting to see signs of lenders tightening up their guidelines when assessing new mortgage applicants. This is affecting both those sellers (either through a Guarantee or directly to a buyer) and buyers. We have spoken to our mortgage broker partners and there have been two main changes…

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Are you bringing a work permit holder into Canada during the Quarantine Act? The government may inspect your company.

Subscribe to our Newsletter here. As anyone who brings in foreign nationals on work permits knows, employer compliance inspections are possible from time to time under the rules of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR). An inspection may be initiated from the first day of employment for which a work permit is issued up…

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Permanent Residence

Possible historic opportunity for skilled assignees to obtain Permanent Residence

Subscribe to our Newsletter here. This may be a historic opportunity for skilled assignees to obtain Permanent Residence in Canada if they would normally have low CRS scores. Express Entry is an online system that IRCC uses to manage applications for permanent residence from skilled workers. The government selects the highest-ranking candidates from the pool and…

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rental rates decreasing

Should a 14 day Isolation Plan be Included in the typical Temporary Accommodation Benefit?

Should a 14 day Isolation Plan be Included in the typical Temporary Accommodation Benefit. Relocation during COVID-19 has meant that employees relocating into Canada (be they returning Canadians, PR holders or essential workers) or between provinces have been required to self-isolate for 14 days (Ask us for our Bulletproof Isolation Plan Template).  Well, when the…

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All Points’ COVID-19 Update and Business Continuity as of March 20

Subscribe to our Newsletter here. All Points’ COVID-19 Update and Business Continuity As of March 20 I just want to open by saying that we are thinking of your people, making sure they are ok and getting the information they need. In these challenging times, we felt it important to inform our clients that All…

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Safety-First sign

Delivering Destination Services safely for both your employees and our employees during COVID.

Situation: Relocations do go on during the COVID pandemic and you need to ensure that your transferees are safe. While All Points’ Relocation Management Services have always been conducted virtually, Destination Services are traditionally accompanied (ask us about our virtual destination services). As the only Canadian hybrid Relocation Management and Destination Services Company, All Points…

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What to Expect From Your Movers During COVID

What to Expect from your Movers in the age of COVID-19

Moves go on even in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to grow in the post-shutdown world. How can you be sure that your mover is providing an appropriate level of protection to your relocating employees, when they relocate in July and August and beyond? We are proud of the deep relationships…

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Isolation Plan Template

As of April 14, those who are relocating from abroad to Canada who don’t have credible plans to self-isolate will now be forced to stay at a quarantine facility, such as a hotel. All Points provides our clients with a template for a credible isolation plan that travelers coming to Canada should have on them in…

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All Points’ COVID-19 Update and Business Continuity

Updated – May 6, 2020 General Updates All Provinces require self-isolation for newly arrived individuals into the country. Some Provinces require self-isolation even for travel between Provinces. Rental Prices ARE coming down for 1 bedroom rentals, anywhere from 1% – 35% year over last across the country. The larger markets that have experienced the biggest…

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