Montreal Grand Prix will make it hard for Temporary Accommodation in June

For those in corporate relocation who are thinking of bringing people into Montreal in June, be warned that temporary accommodations will be far less available and far more expensive.  This is because the Montreal Grand Prix 2022 is taking place on Sunday, June 19.  However, the festivities start on Thursday June 16 and crowds are […]

One day settling-in services are not currently possible across most of Canada

There was a time when one could accomplish a lot of local government and necessary registrations, during a destination service.  Classic destination service bundles might reserve 1 or 2 days for home finding and 1 day for settling / local registrations. In these good old days, it was possible (if planned well) to assist an […]

Changes to Ontario’s NRST will negatively affect Assignees

The NRST was introduced in the Province of Ontario in 2017 which required foreign national purchasers to pay a 15% speculation tax on the purchase price of residential property acquired in the “Greater Golden Horseshoe” area of Ontario (Toronto and the surrounding area). The Ontario Ministry of Finance just announced amendments to the Ontario Land […]

Baggage Constraints from Delhi

Baggage constraints

Due to operational constraints, Air Canada is implementing an embargo, limiting passengers travelling from Delhi Airport (DEL) in Economy Class to 1 checked bag 23kg (50lb). In addition, Premium Economy and Business Class passengers will no longer be permitted to bring excess baggage beyond the standard allowance. This temporary policy is in effect for the […]

A Timely Reminder of Expatriate Evacuation Planning

Expatriate evacuation

The recent news of Russia and Ukraine invites us all to remember that, sometimes, corporations send expatriates to hardship locations of all sorts under some form of threat. Between natural disasters, civil disturbances, government crackdowns, terrorism and war, the potential for a crisis is quite broad. Managing an expatriate workforce in some of these areas […]

Canada reaches record number of new permanent residents

Canada achieves record for permanent residents in 2021

Canada was always a land of immigrants, and last year we proved this. In 2021, the Canadian Government registered a record-breaking number of new permanent residents since 1913. As part of the 2021–2023 Immigration Levels Plan, the Government welcomed 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021 to help the country recover from the epidemic and chart […]

New Vaccines Accepted to Enter Canada

New vaccines are being accepted upon arrival in Canada.

Just as Health Canada approved the Pfizer vaccination for children between the ages of 5 and 11, Canadian officials also announced several measures on November 19, which are impactful to employers who relocate assignees and transferees to Canada. Up until this point, Canada has had a bit of a two-tier system of entry to the […]

What does the new Easing of Canadian Travel Restrictions mean to Assignees?

Eased Canadian Travel Restrictions

Canada lifts most international travel restrictions for some specific categories of travellers, who are fully vaccinated, starting July 5. Effective July 5 at 11:59 p.m. Travellers who are currently able to enter Canada (returning  Canadians, permanent residents and those deemed essential, which has always encompassed those arriving on Work Permits) under the existing rules will be able […]