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5 Things to Consider when Shopping for a Relocation Management Company

Subscribe to our Newsletter here. So, before you even begin looking for a supplier, Human Resources or Mobility Teams need to define what they are looking for most in an RMC. HR’s would be wise to make a list of your top needs and then your top wants (what are the current pain points, and do…

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rental rates decreasing

Is your Cost of Living Provider keeping up with the falling rental prices across Canada? I couldn’t keep-up just writing this article!!

Subscribe to our Newsletter here. All Points is recommending a second conversation with your cost of living provider to ensure that they have updated their cost of living data for Canadian cities.  I will be honest. You have to read this article with two thoughts in your head at once. Most of it was written in…

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Tiering Relocation Policies

Should Low Mobility Corporations Tier their Relocation Policy?

This is a question I often get asked. Common wisdom has suggested that what works for high mobility corporations does not necessarily work for low mobility corporations.  This is a truism for sure.  This adage rears its head for a lot of mobility factors: can we get by without having relocation assistance?  Do we have…

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WHITE PAPER – Spring 2016

WHITE PAPER: Enrolling in BC Health Care   Is Enrollment in BC Health’s Medical Insurance Plan required of employees who are not on local payroll or have global health insurance plans?   All Points often gets asked the above question by our clients. There is wording on the BC Health website which can lead to…

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Navigating Relocation – Spring 2016

What is the historical origin of your lump sum program and which “type” is it?   April 6, 2016 By: Michael Deane Co-Owner and Vice-President, Client Service Lump sum approaches to relocation are typically inherited by HR departments without a clear understanding of their origin. How was that first $10,000 amount arrived at? When was…

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Work Permit Review at Airport becoming Crucial to Canadian Business

January 13, 2014: When assignees and transferees, coming to Canada, arrive at the destination city airports, they are filled with a combination of excitement and, frequently, fatigue. Fatigued or not, they must still clear through immigration and obtain their work permits. If properly prepared, they will have all their documentation, and know what to say…

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WHITE PAPER – Summer 2015

WHITE PAPER: Securing a US Social Security Number   July 9, 2015   Many new arrivals into the US are keen to apply, as soon as possible, for their Social Security Number which is the closest US equivalent to Canada’s SIN number. It is widely perceived to be a ‘magic number’ which opens doors to…

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The Challenges of Bringing Cars into Canada from the US

July 9, 2015: Many transferees and temporary assignees coming to Canada get confused about how to bring their car from the United States into Canada. First it is important to remember that there are two tasks required of someone either driving or having their vehicle moved across the border: a) Tasks at the US border…

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Pluck the Goose! The Legacy Relocation Benefit that creates the greatest inequality

January 29, 2015: On Monday, January 19, Oxfam published a study which concludes that, based on current trends, by 2016 one percent (1%) of the world’s population will own more wealth than the other 99%. What else did the Oxfam study say? Oxfam added that the richest 1% would own more than 50% of the…

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Do you have a Stand-by Guarantee Home Sale Program, even (or especially) if you don’t want Guarantee Home Sale in your policy?

January 13, 2014: The Guarantee Home Sale program has played a significant role in North American relocations for over three decades, but its presence in relocation policies is generally accepted to be in decline. All Points Relocation has observed that each year more and more companies remove the Guarantee Home Sale program from their policies…

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