Don’t take your lumps!

All Points Relocation Canada This domestic relocation information is brought to you by All Points Relocation. Canada can seem like an easy place to relocate employees, but it may be tougher than you think if you are using lump sums. It can help to obtain the services of a company like All Points Relocation. Canada […]

Navigating Relocation – Spring 2016

What is the historical origin of your lump sum program and which “type” is it?   April 6, 2016 By: Michael Deane Co-Owner and Vice-President, Client Service Lump sum approaches to relocation are typically inherited by HR departments without a clear understanding of their origin. How was that first $10,000 amount arrived at? When was […]

Need a Roof Over Your Head? Show Me the Money Calgary!

November 10, 2014: By: VarunTripathi Global Relocation Counsellor   There have recently been reports that some Calgary property managers are charging prospective tenants viewing fees to see their rental units. Let’s start off with some facts. In recent years, Canada has seen growth in the number of temporary foreign workers and immigrants as well as […]

Service Canada Pilot Project at Toronto and Vancouver Airports: Social Insurance Numbers

November 5, 2014 All Points Relocation has recently learned that Service Canada has issued Social Insurance Numbers at Pearson International Airport and Vancouver International Airport to some, but not all, foreign nationals on global assignment to Canada, concurrently with their Work Permits. All Points became aware of this during our Airport Welcome Services, wherein we […]

Three top highlights from Major Overhaul of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program

June 27, 2014: A number of alerts and information pieces have been released with regards to the government’s major overhaul of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program. This article focuses on just three important points that are most pertinent to those Canadian companies that support global assignees with comprehensive relocation benefits. For more complete articles we […]

Bulletin 575 and its effect on Specialized Knowledge ICT’s

June 20, 2014: Those responsible for global mobility to Canada should be aware that Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) released Operational Bulletin 575 on June 9, 2014, which provides expanded guidance to officers who process work permit applications for Intra-Company Transferees (ICT) applying under the Specialized Knowledge Labour Market Opinion (LMO) exemption category. The rules, […]

Foreign Students new automatic work authorizations can benefit employers and assignees

June 12, 2014: Just two weeks ago on June 1, 2014, study permit holders in Canada who are enrolled in academic, vocational or professional training programs of six months or longer will be automatically authorized to work. This does create benefits for employers with global mobility programs bringing assignees or permanent transfers to Canada, as […]

Negative Changes to Dependent Child Eligibility Might Require Fast Action by Human Resources

July 7, 2014: The Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration is revising the definition of a dependent child. This change will have negative impacts on those companies that have global assignees inbound to Canada with older dependent children. Previously, the definition of dependent children extended to those under twenty-two (22) years of age who were […]