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Watch the rules to relocation Canada Revenue applies.

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This domestic relocation information is brought to you by All Points Relocation. Canada can seem like an easy place to relocate employees, but it may be tougher than you think if you are using lump sums. It can help to obtain the services of a company like All Points Relocation. Canada is large and companies that create about lump sum values for their employees can have a difficult time.

Don’t create lump sum values that are too low!

Household goods moving can be quite expense across Canada, so it is difficult to judge lump sum values. HR does not know the price at which an employee will sell his home. So, it is also difficult to judge real estate commission.

Your lump is all about the tax!

All Points Relocation Canada advises clients about the unique Canadian tax code. Companies cannot pay their employees lump sums in Canada, without having to go through payroll. Will the company gross-up the lump sum or tax it at source, and let the employee net less than the original value. In Canada, All Points Relocation recommends using the services of a relocation company. We assist the employee in navigating Canada Revenue Agency’s tax code.

There are taxable benefits, non-taxable benefits and tax deductible benefits. Employees can easily seek reimbursement for a taxable benefit and someone must catch this. The employee and possibly the employer can be in violation of the tax code. It may have been possible to avoid it in the first place, through better planning with All Points Relocation Canada. Through our service employees receive all reimbursements. They also get the appropriate navigation through the tax code by All Points Relocation; Canada is a unique country and to maximize benefits and to provide the best impression to a relocating employee, do not hesitate to contact All Points Relocation Canada.

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