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Back to Basics: Making International Assignments Easier

July 19, 2012:

Global Tax Network (GTN) has released a list of ten (10) measures that firms HR departments should consider implementing to ease the pain associated with administering international assignments. These best practices are:

  • Have a written tax equalization policy for international assignments
  • Have a written compensation policy for international assignments
  • Coordinate/interact with the payroll department
  • Create oversight for hypothetical withholdings and advances
  • Establish budgeting procedures
  • Integrate with corporate tax
  • Establish a process to select assignees
  • Develop repatriation procedures
  • Actively manage communication with assignees

As noted by GTN, these best practices show how crucial it is for all departments of a firm to work together in order to facilitate international assignments. Implementing every best practice listed is not necessary for a successful assignment the implementation of just one practice greatly reduces the pain associated with administering international assignments.

For a more in-depth break down of the relevance of these best practices, refer to GTN’s original article.

If you haven’t done so already, take a look at our series on international policy development in our Navigating Relocation newsletter which began in our Summer 2010 issue.

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