Baggage Constraints from Delhi

Baggage constraints

Due to operational constraints, Air Canada is implementing an embargo, limiting passengers travelling from Delhi Airport (DEL) in Economy Class to 1 checked bag 23kg (50lb). In addition, Premium Economy and Business Class passengers will no longer be permitted to bring excess baggage beyond the standard allowance. This temporary policy is in effect for the […]

A Timely Reminder of Expatriate Evacuation Planning

Expatriate evacuation

The recent news of Russia and Ukraine invites us all to remember that, sometimes, corporations send expatriates to hardship locations of all sorts under some form of threat. Between natural disasters, civil disturbances, government crackdowns, terrorism and war, the potential for a crisis is quite broad. Managing an expatriate workforce in some of these areas […]

Planning for International Relocation: Everyone’s Duties

Prepare for international relocation

Corporate relocation is a challenging process. Both the assignee and HR need to start planning for international relocation as soon as possible. Companies and assignees often underestimate how much time they will need to relocate.  So, start preparing as soon as you have decided to relocate someone.  Here are some things to prepare that may not […]

5 Factors not to lose sight during permanent global relocation

Permanent Global Relocation

Humans are natural explorers, and one of the most magical things of this century is the possibility of going anywhere in this world. This means more and more people are moving abroad for work and considering a permanent global relocation. Whether you are bringing foreign employees to work for you or managing subsidiaries worldwide, you […]

Seven myths about International Relocation to Canada

Myths about international relocation to Canada

1. A work permit and a visa are the same. False. In Canada, a work permit is a status document that allows lawful residence and employment under the terms and conditions imposed on entry. A visa is a travel document that can only be issued to citizens of TRV-required nations; a visa is nothing but […]

Destination Services: Giving advance notice before offering

Give advance notice when offering destination services

So, your company has chosen to offer Destination Services. This is an excellent addition to your relocation program. It will create an excellent customer service/onboarding experience, take the workload off of HR and create more productive employees. When to order destination services? But when should you order the destination service for that assignee or recruit? […]

How to create an agile human resources sector

Start to create an agile human resources sector

The Agile method was developed as a new way to produce software, but it may also be used for various other business objectives. While agile is a well-known technique, it is still often thought to be limited to the IT industry. Thankfully, we see improvements in management, bringing different solutions to different sectors. By now, […]

Canada reaches record number of new permanent residents

Canada achieves record for permanent residents in 2021

Canada was always a land of immigrants, and last year we proved this. In 2021, the Canadian Government registered a record-breaking number of new permanent residents since 1913. As part of the 2021–2023 Immigration Levels Plan, the Government welcomed 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021 to help the country recover from the epidemic and chart […]

Budget for relocation: how an expert can help you save money

Budgeting for relocation has a few tricks.

Global Mobility can bring great benefits to companies, but they are not without cost. Finding the right budget for relocation may be difficult, but depending on the sort of relocation your program provides, there are many ways you can be more cost-effective. If your goal is to start or adapt your relocation program, but money […]